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South West Coaches and Mentors CPD

Delivered virtually via Zoom

To continue to increase coaching capability and capacity in the south west region, and more importantly to maintain quality, we are providing coaching supervision action learning sets that will take place virtually via Zoom.

Supervision is a process of housekeeping your approach to coaching. It is useful for any coach wishing to continue to enhance their practice.  It provides a safe, supportive environment for individuals to engage in critical reflection in order to raise issues, explore problems, and discover new ways of handling both the situation and oneself.

The supervision model employed by our supervisors is flexible to the needs of the coaches and will generally be informed by the seven-eyed model of supervision. The model enables the supervisor, having built rapport and contracted with the supervision group around boundaries and confidentiality, to explore with the coaches a number of specific coaching challenges, enquiries or dilemmas that they are holding.

Supervision enables the coach to adopt a more systemic approach to exploring their coaching impact, to building their knowledge and developing their coaching approach.

We see supervision as offering a normative (others sharing the dilemma), formative (an opportunity for learning through reflection and shared experience) and restorative (an opportunity to move beyond the enquiry/ dilemma and to restore presence and sense of confidence in coaching) space for shared learning and reflection.

Target audience:

South West Coaches and Mentors.

Dates and times:

There will be a maximum of 8 participants on each session:


Kate Hesk has coached many and varied clients including directors, Managing Directors and leaders at all levels in small and large organisations. Kate has also been working closely over the past two years delivering coaching services and accredited coaching skills training in Strategic Health Authorities such as NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, NHS South Central, NHS East of England and with the NHS North West Leadership Academy. Kate specialises in coaching individuals and teams through change including major business change; mentoring, self-leadership and personal growth techniques, leadership and team development programmes and strategic and marketing consultancy. Kate is an experienced coach and coaching supervisor.

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To obtain a place you will need to register via the links above. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Once registered, your place is confirmed. There is no fee to attend, by registering you will be signing up to a cancellation charge of £150 for non-attendance unless you notify 10 working days in advance of the event date or your attendance is deputised.

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