Talent Management

Why do Talent Management?

Being successful in today’s complex, health and social care system means effectively identifying, developing and retaining our talented staff.  For services to thrive and continuously improve we need to develop a talent pipeline able to support new leadership, skill development and succession planning.  Our NHS sustainability and success is dependent on having the right people with the right skills in the right roles – with the right behaviours and values.

Managing our NHS Talent means supporting these individuals who can make a positive difference to organisational performance and drive improvements in patient care. Importantly, Talent Management is not a standalone concept but works as a ‘HR ecosystem’ to support organisational objectives and workforce strategy in an integrated and strategic way, and we need to improve its perception and adoption by all our staff.

Our South West Talent Management Vision

To foster a culture of inclusive talent management across the South West , supporting a robust and transparent system that successfully identifies, develops and deploys those individuals with the talent and capabilities to meet the leadership challenges faced by our South West healthcare services, both today and in the future.

To facilitate this, the SW Leadership Academy’s ambition is to enable & champion the spread of Talent Management throughout the South West.

We’re starting with some Talent Resources & Talent Tools that may help you as well articles & evidence of best practice.

Most importantly we want you to hear from you so that we can shape talent development and management in the South West in the most effective way.

Talent Management Dates

Resources useful for Talent Management

Talent Management – Succession Planning to Succession Management

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Talent Management – Organisational Transformation and Change

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Talent Management – Developing a Talent Strategy

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Talent Management – Defining Talent and Talent Management

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Talent Management and Employee Engagement

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Talent Management – Retaining Talented People

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