Talent Management Diagnostic Tool

The Talent Management Diagnostic tool has been designed with our peers from across the Local Leadership academies and National Academy with a high level of engagement from our colleagues across regional organisations.

We know that organisations are all at different stages of their talent management journeys, and one size does not fit all. Therefore, the tool is designed to flexibly enable all NHS organisation to explore their current position against good healthcare talent management and their aspirations on where they want to be.

What is the Talent Management Diagnostic Tool?

The tool has been designed to enable NHS organisations to review themselves against robust and evidence-based indicators of effective talent management within healthcare.

The tool, along with the final report, has been split into 5 domains:

  • Enabling a culture of talent management
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in talent management
  • Identifying, managing and retaining talent
  • Developing and mobilising talent
  • Connecting talent interventions across local health and care systems

The report, which is then generated, provides insights into areas of progress and strength together with weaker areas which may require more immediate attention.

It is hoped that this in turn can support organisations to focus on their talent priorities, continuously review and improve their approach, and apply the most appropriate tools and resources.

Please click here to read a case study on an early adopters experience of the tool and click on the links below to watch videos of colleagues from the early adopter organisations sharing their reflections on the tool:

  • Video 1 – Hear how our early adopters would describe the TM Diagnostic Tool and the benefits for their organisation.
  • Video 2 – Early adopter organisations share the approach they took in preparing and collating the responses for the TM Diagnostic along with identifying what they would do differently next time.
  • Video 3 – Hear from our early adopter organisations about their experience of using the online tool and receiving their report. They also provide advice for anyone when first receiving their TM Diagnostic Report.
  • Video 4 – Listen to how the TM Diagnostic Tool has helped our early adopters identify the priorities within their organisation and hear the advice they would share to those at the action planning stage.

What is the TM Diagnostic Tool?


Online completion and Reviewing the report

Action planning

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