SWLA Leadership Calendar – Door 22

Behind door number 22 of our SWLA Leadership Calendar you can discover our Developing Leadership in Primary Care Programme.

Here at the South West Leadership Academy, our vision is “To develop outstanding healthcare leadership across the South West, in order to improve people’s health and their experiences of the Health and Care”.

Leading in organisations, especially in today’s challenging climate, means being equipped to deal with adversity. This requires resilient leaders, who can bounce back and respond effectively to difficult circumstances. The key to this resilience is being able to understand and manage our own emotions and create working cultures that engage people and help them work to their strengths.

Emotional Intelligence is how we manage our personality to be personally and inter-personally effective, it is influenced by the attitudes we hold toward ourselves and others and involves noticing, and interpreting our emotions and the emotions of others.

This is a one-day workshop, with a focus on understanding what Emotional Intelligence is and how it relates to leadership success.

Target audience:

 L&D / OD and HR practitioners

 Aims and objectives:

  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is, and how it relates to leadership success
  • Explore how your attitudes and emotions support or hinder your ability to inspire great performance in yourself and others
  • Learn about your personal EI strengths and development areas
  • Identify strategies for developing your Emotional Intelligence

Register your place:

To obtain a place you will need to register via the link below. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Once registered your place is confirmed and joining instructions will be sent two weeks before the event.

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