Resilient Leadership programme

The South West Leadership Academy’s (SWLA) Resilient Leadership programme started this week. The programme is designed to support middle and senior leaders by building their personal resilience and developing their confidence, knowledge, and skills to lead for wellbeing. The four modules are spread over a three-month period and offer participants a chance to build, advocate and support both their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Through the lens of compassionate inclusive leadership, the programme facilitator – Byron Lee from Added Value Learning – enables leaders to explore four key foundational elements of resilient leadership:

  • Self-care and modelling wellbeing
  • A compassionate approach to supporting the wellbeing of others
  • An appreciative approach to wellbeing change
  • Embedding wellbeing and strategic wellbeing

By the end of the programme participants will have begun to develop, strengthen and practice resilient leadership. This includes being equipped to respond – rather than react – to their personal stress triggers and organisational challenges that impact on their wellbeing, and to integrate wellbeing into their everyday leadership practice.

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