Organisational Development

Organisational Development (OD) in the SW.

Our ambition is to:

  • Champion, develop and extend OD capability and capacity in the SW using the best evidence available.
  • To develop a vibrant network for OD practitioners and all those who work in the field of OD & leading change
  • To energise transformation and culture change across the system
  • To showcase great OD practice in SW and across health and social care

On the website you will find a range of resources and information to support OD practitioners and organisations.  This includes national & regional resources.

There is already some fantastic OD happening in our region and we want to publicise and share this learning as well as from the range of national resources.

We want to showcase and celebrate great OD practice that is happening in the SW.  If you have something – a successful intervention, a response to an Organisational challenge, a good story then let us know.

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Organisational Development Offers

Regional Offer: Workshop: Authentic Engagement Through OD

Enabling our stakeholders to achieve organisational change outcomes through shared understanding and exploration As OD practitioners, supporting our stakeholders through change as well as being technically competent, we must...

  • Specialisms:
  • Organisational Development (OD)
  • Primary Care

Regional Offer: Short Programme: Dialogic OD

Change is a constant in our world and the world of work and organisations. How we handle that change – initiating, shaping, guiding is changing, particularly in the context...

  • Specialisms:
  • Organisational Development (OD)
  • Primary Care

Regional Offer: Workshop: Speaking-up, Listening up

Making it safer for everyone to have a voice NHS organisations have taken for granted habits and implicit rules that influence how certain things do and don’t get talked...

  • Specialisms:
  • Organisational Development (OD)
  • Primary Care
  • Systems Leadership (SL)

Regional Offer: Short Programme: Evolving an OD Mindset in Primary Care

Are you leading change in Primary Care? Wondering what OD is and how it can help us to bring about successful, sustainable change? Are you already doing it? Most...

  • Specialisms:
  • Organisational Development (OD)
  • Primary Care

Tool: Do OD App and Culture Change Tool

Do OD has launched an app for OD practitioners which puts a range of OD resources at your fingertips. At the heart of the app sits a brand new...

  • Specialisms:
  • Organisational Development (OD)

Programme: Leadership for Improving Frontline Talent (LIFT)

Taking patient care to the next level Are you looking to develop your skills and confidence in leadership? Would you like to inspire more innovation, engagement and effectiveness in...

  • Specialisms:
  • Coaching & Mentoring (CM)
  • Inclusion (I)
  • Organisational Development (OD)
  • Primary Care
  • Systems Leadership (SL)

Organisational Development Dates

Organisational Development Resources

Application form – Dialogic OD

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Case Study: Leadership for Improving Frontline Talent (Figures)

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Resources useful for Organisational Development

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