Slow Swimming Club

The Slow Swimming Club is rooted in the idea that the faster we are, the slower we need to be.

The Slow Swimming Club is hosted by our inaugural artist-in-residence, storyteller Clare Murphy, and will seek to be a home for creative expression, diversity of thought and a rich tapestry of concepts curated for this moment in time. Created with and for our community in the South West, the Slow Swimming Club has been designed with space, time and place in mind; a reflection and extension of the idea that the faster we go, the slower we need to be.

This bespoke series of one-off events will bring together eclectic thinkers, experiences and practices that are carefully designed to invite you into alternative views on the world, of work, development, and change. The series will feature an array of keynote speakers from Space exploration, Sport, Neuroscience, Veterans and more.  People who will bring a unique and different perspective to life on the frontline.

Our three-part series focuses on “Perception and Reflection”, “Speed; fast and slow” and “Community”.  These events will be interactive and provide a platform for exploring ideas that challenge us on a daily basis.

We are hosting our first event on Wednesday 26th May 15:00 – 17:00. Please hold this date in your diary and sign up for more information.

We hope to inspire you, to provoke and stimulate you, and to strengthen the bonds of our diverse communities as we all seek to find time and space to grow.

Please follow #SlowSwimmingClub and sign up for updates and opportunities to collaborate.

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