The Aspiring Chief Executive Programme

The role of the provider chief executive has never been more important. How we appoint to such posts – and help our chief executives to be successful ‘in role’ – is one of the NHS’s most important leadership issues.

The Aspiring Chief Executive programme is a collaboration between the NHS Leadership Academy, NHS Improvement and NHS Providers. It forms part of a fully resourced, strategic response to the challenge of how we identify, develop and deploy our most senior leaders. Together, these four organisations will design and deliver a programme to prepare those with the potential to become chief executives in the next 12-24 months. As well as providing exceptional development, the programme will also assess your readiness to take up these demanding roles. Successful completion will lead to an NHS Leadership Academy Award.

The design is underpinned by wide support across the provider network and input from serving chief executives across the system. They answered two key questions: what do you wish you’d known and how do you wish you’d been prepared for your role?

The programme is intended to not only develop leaders who can lead their own organisation to a high standard – it will also place clear emphasis on working within a complex and increasingly integrated health economy.  In line with the Five Year Forward View (5YFV), it will also provide you with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to play a full role in reshaping care systems to provide new, sustainable models of care based on patient need.

We’re looking for 14 aspiring chief executives to prepare for some of the most vital roles in the NHS.

This world class 12 month programme will be delivered by the NHS Leadership Academy, building on our current expertise and knowledge of our existing programmes such as Nye Bevan.

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