Team Coaching Foundation and Practitioners Programme

Are you ready for the challenge of team coaching?

Team coaching is the fastest growing area of coaching. This powerful two-module programme is for you, if you want to:

  • Have a much bigger impact through your coaching
  • Radically uplift your one-to-one coaching with a deeper understanding of teams as systems nested within systems
  • Feel more confident helping teams and their leaders to engage with their systems.

As a participant, you will be able to apply for accreditation as a team coach from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Target Audience:

This programme is open to experienced coaches. Priority will be given to NHS coaches on our Coaching Register.

This programme is split into two modules. Delegates who sign up to Part 1: Team Coaching Foundations are expected to participate in Part 2: Team Coaching Practitioner. Further details can be found below.

Team Coaching Foundation and Practitioner Programmes 

Team Coaching Foundation programme

Accredited by both the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the International Coach Federation, this three-day programme provides experienced coaches and leaders with a pragmatic and evidence-based understanding of the dynamics of teams and teaming. For coaches, it lays the foundations for step one of a journey into team coaching – building on their one to one coaching experience to support a team leader in creating a coaching culture and/or providing support to an experienced team coach coaching both the team and the leader together.

Monday 24th January 2022 – Day 1, 09:00 – 16:00. Explores teams and their systems and introduced the concept of PERILL – the first complex, adaptive systems framework to understand the complexities of performance in teams.

Friday 11th February 2022 – Day 2, 09:00 – 16:00. Investigates the role of the leader in creating and sustaining a coaching culture within their team

Thursday 10th March 2022 – Day 3, 09:00 – 16:00. Looks at the role of the coach in supporting leaders in creating a coaching culture.

The programme is supported by an extensive manual, toolkit and access to the online Coaching and Mentoring Resource. Participants also receive a copy of Powerful questions for Team Coaches. The core text for the programme is Coaching the Team at Work (Clutterbuck, 2019)

Upon completion of the module, participants can apply for EMCC team coach accreditation at Foundation level.

Team Coaching Practitioner Programme

Also accredited by both the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the International Coach Federation, this three-day programme equips a coach or leader to facilitate a team coaching intervention from start to finish. The programme establishes a framework for an effective team coaching intervention, including how to decide whether team coaching is the appropriate application. Using a detailed case study, it progresses through the stages of Exploration and Discovery, Scoping and Contracting, Preparing the team for engagement with the coaching process, Conducting effective team coaching sessions, Transferring process ownership to the team, Measurement and Review and finally Disengagement. We also role play making a pitch for a team coaching assignment.

Participants receive extensive additional materials to the Foundation manual, including the PERILL diagnostic. An on-line version of the diagnostic will be available in early 2022 and participants will have free access to use this for two teams over the subsequent 12 months.

Upon completion of the module, participants can apply for EMCC team coach accreditation at Foundation level.

Monday 12th September 2022 – Day 1 Team Coaching Practitioner Programme

Monday 10th October 2022 – Day 2 Team Coaching Practitioner Programme

Monday 7th November 2022 – Day 3 Team Coaching Practitioner Programme

Facilitator – Prof. David Clutterbuck

The workshops will be facilitated by Prof David Clutterbuck, one of the world’s leading authorities on team coaching and one of the earliest pioneers of coaching. David is author or co-author of more 70 books and has over 35 years’ experience supporting coaching and mentoring in the NHS.

Applying for Team Coaching Foundations Programme

To be eligible for the Team Coaching Foundations and Practitioners Programme you will need to be available for all the programme dates listed above.

Please follow the link below and fully complete the online application form.

Apply for Team Coaching Foundations and Practitioners Programme

Closing date for applications: Friday 31st December 2021

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