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Coaching and Mentoring CPD 

This opportunity is a piece of a larger puzzle and is different to our typical approach to development. 

If you’re a coach or mentor, with underrepresented characteristics, and/or are passionate about supporting an inclusive and diverse culture, then we’d love for you to take note of this opportunity to play an active part of a development programme.


Here at the South West Leadership Academy we believe in the collective capacity for sharing, learning, and reflecting on the power of lived experience and stories to inspire and inform our personal and cultural development. Due to their long history of 100,000 years, stories are designed to stick in the memory far longer than facts. They create legacy, long after the speaker is gone.

As such, we’ve joined together with professional storytellers Clare Murphy and Peter Chand to provide a ‘Storytelling: How Story Serves the Leader’ programme. Participants of the Storytelling workshops will explore how you make a meaningful story out of a life experience that can be used in a leadership setting as a potent vehicle for influence, transmitting knowledge and in generating cultural change.

There will be approximately 100 budding storytellers raring to go and share more about their own lived experiences.

Your Role

Publicly sharing personal stories however can be a daunting feat and having a safe space with a thinking partner to gather more confidence and explore practical ways forward will provide valuable support when applying their learning.

To become confident, poised and show perseverance in the face of indifference or challenge, we’d like to partner the participants of the Storytelling programme with a coach/mentor who can support them in honing and sharing their story far and wide. Helping them to overcome limiting beliefs, land their message, and consider opportunities in which to share their stories.

What you can expect

You will have the opportunity to work with a coaching supervisor who knows how it feels to live and work amongst a culture where they are in the minority. They will be working with you as coaches and mentors to explore how human narratives enact organisational and cultural change as well as facilitating opportunities for you to experience storytelling for yourselves, giving you more credibility when supporting Storytelling Programme participants. Brought together as a cohort of coaches and mentors, you’ll be invited to join facilitated CPD workshops and Coaching supervision to support each other in sharing best practice and lessons learnt from the conversations you’ll have with the programme participants.

In tandem, you’ll be assigned approximately 3 clients, whom you’ll be required to work closely with as a typical coaching/mentoring relationship to embed and apply their learning from the Storytelling programme in a practical way.

Dates for this series of coaching CPD will coincide with the Storytelling Programme which takes place in June and July.

You’ll then of course need to have the capacity to support the participants directly through coaching/mentoring sessions. As part of this offer, we are pleased to be offering you the opportunity to come back together through Coaching Supervision.

Coaching CPD dates:

Attendance will be required for all CPD sessions. The dates can be found below:

Introduction and Scene Setting Session – Monday 28th June 1pm – 2:30pm

This session will give you further understanding of the programme and how your role will support the development of the 3 coachees you will be working with. 

Narratives With Meaning – Understanding Your Story Is Key To Understanding Self, Thursday 1st July 10am – 1pm

This first half day session focuses on the how and why storytelling is a powerful means of communication in the course of the triple pandemic we are in the grips of. Gain understanding of why stories are portals where leaders from underrepresented groups can locate their power, their voice and their truth as a means of influence and impact with presence. 

Connect with your own personal narratives so you can better support leaders from underrepresented groups to bring to life three intersecting narratives: your cultural story, your family story and your personal story. Discover why sharing your story in your working life can be a powerful communication tool for personal and organisational change, transformation and progressing leadership.

Coaching To Impact – What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Wednesday 21st July 10am – 1pm

What will be different, empowering, motivating about the coaching you provide to assist leaders from underrepresented groups in sharing their stories across a range of forums and settings online and offline in ways that promote inclusion and breaking down barriers? 

Generate and explore ideas and tips for coaching leaders from underrepresented groups to navigate around blocks and enablers, barriers and resistances, opportunities, and solutions with a clear objective of making an impact and bringing about change. Learning will include how to coach leaders struggling with the impact of imposter syndrome, the inner critic, and the saboteur.

Creative Approaches To Action Learning – What’s The New Way forward? What Gift do I Bring? Monday 26th July 10am – 1pm

Share creative ideas and approaches for facilitating and hosting action learning sets as integral to the continued development of leaders from underrepresented groups.  Highlight what is needed now, for this social and political climate we are in? How can you best provide a fertile space for leaders to think and engage with what is now required of them? 

How will coaches both constructively challenge and support leaders around in appreciating that storytelling is a core principle of their development and progression? 

What are the questions that will stretch and challenge coachees to embed their lived experiences through more embodied storytelling? 

Coaching Supervision 

Please hold the three dates below in your diary, you will be allocated to one of these sessions once places are confirmed.

  • Session one – 6th September 10:00 -12:00
  • Session two – 20th September 10.00-12.00
  • Session three – 4th October 10:00 – 12:00


This programme has closed for applications. Please follow the link below to express an interest in future programmes.

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