Reflective Leadership – The cornerstone for senior leaders

We are pleased to offer Senior Leaders, Directors and Chief Executives a new one day workshop, Reflective Leadership – the cornerstone for senior leaders.

How do you find a balance between being and doing? How can you find new insights & inspiration? How could a shift in leadership style strengthen the integrity of decisions?

Senior leaders face the pressure of ever more complex and urgent decisions and strategic thinking. This can feel overwhelming, tempting an over reliance on tried and tested practice at a time when new insights and inspiration is needed.

Slowing down the thinking mind can feel scary and as though ‘we aren’t doing our job’ – in fact the reverse is true. Developing a more reflective practise takes time and will and yet can be accessed through a range of different tools and techniques so that there is bound to be something that really works for you.

If we fail to access the deeper resources that come with a more reflective practise we risk the ability to create transformation on the scale needed. Leadership courage has to be accessed to facilitate this shift in inner practise.

The workshop will provide participants a start toward a greater balance between being and doing – recognising the value of more reflective time to help guide complex decisions and challenges. A subtle but powerful shift in leadership style that values the importance of stopping the hamster wheel to strengthen the integrity of decisions.

Aims and objectives:

  • To examine a range of reflective leadership practices and why they are so important in today’s world
  • To understand ‘being’ vs ‘doing’ and have an experience of ‘being’
  • To have some practical ideas on how to enter into the space of “being” in the workplace
  • To give Senior Leaders the space to think and review their own reflective leadership practices

Facilitator: Beth Ogilvie-King

Beth is an experienced organisation development consultant with a deep interest in helping organisations grow and deliver through a combination of business process and strategy improvements, coupled with a mobilisation of people, leadership and culture. She is passionate about leveraging the power of human resource, developing the right environment across strategy, leadership, structure, process and policy to help individuals flourish and become fully engaged to deliver discretionary effort.

With an initial grounding in financial services, Beth has spent the past 10 years working with a wide variety of organisations in multiple industries and helping leadership teams and boards address the challenges and opportunities presented to them. In particular she is experienced in executive team effectiveness, leadership development, organisation design, communications and engagement, designing and executing strategic change, and culture transformation.

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