Leadership for integrated care using an Outward Mindset Masterclass

Starting March 2022

Delivered by the NHS South West Leadership Academy and Optimus OD, delivered via Zoom

If you require this document in an alternative format, please email the South West Leadership Academy’s Inclusion Coordinator.

Navigating and implementing integrated care across a care system is really tough. For most leaders and teams just keeping the lights on and services running is already beyond a full time role. So when we focus our time to progress integrated care, its crucial that we can maximise the influence and value we can bring. One answer can be found in the mindset we bring and encourage others to adopt. Alec Grimsley has been working with a several ICS/ICB’s in England using a methodology known as The Outward Mindset, to create the trust and psychological safety that builds collaboration and progress across the system.

Objectives of the Programme

  • BUSINESS CASE: To share the business case for implementing a mindset that supports effective cross organisational and intra-organisational systems leadership. Crucial to recovery of services post covid
  • MINDSET & VISION: To create insight that however well intentioned and hard working we are, a certain type of mindset is required to deliver the vision of integrated care and wellbeing
  • TRUST AND DIALOGUE: To explore how the Outward Mindset builds trust, effective dialogue and more joined up delivery of service outcomes
  • CASE EXAMPLES: and lessons from applying this mindset in health and social care integration projects (STP’s, ICS etc.)

Target Audience

Leaders and those involved in influencing integrated care stakeholders

Programme Structure

This programme will be repeated 4 times so you can select the date which works for you.

  1. 18th March 2022, 14:00-16:00 – Please click here to register. Registrations will close on 25th February 2022, at 12pm
  2. 28th April 2022, 14:00-16:00 – Please click here to register. Registrations will close on 7th April 2022, at 12pm
  3. 26th May 2022, 14:00-16:00 – Please click here to register. Registrations will close on 5th May 2022, at 12pm
  4. 24th June 2022, 14:00-16:00 – Please click here to register. Registrations will close on 3rd June 2022, at 12pm

Programme Facilitator 

Alec Grimsley has devoted 17 years of his life to understanding human relationships and the impact mindset has on civility, respect and resourceful teams. 28 executive teams have trusted him with facilitating some of their most difficult conversations (16 within the NHS) and over 12,000 NHS leaders and employees have attended his workshops. Alec is also an author and has written for the UK press. His book “Vital Conversations” reached number 1 in the leadership category of Amazon (UK). In one current project, Alec is supporting and developing five Chief Executives, who are working on a multi-organisational collaboration programme to integrate health and social care.


By applying, you are agreeing to a cancellation charge of £150, you will be liable for this fee if you are successful in obtaining a place and then withdraw/ do not attend the programme without extenuating circumstances.

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