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Taking patient care to the next level

Are you looking to develop your skills and confidence in leadership? Would you like to inspire more innovation, engagement and effectiveness in the team or service you lead? Are you ready to learn more about yourself, to learn from a diverse group of colleagues and to take the next step in fulfilling your potential? If these ideas excite you, this could be the programme for you.

The Leadership for Improving Frontline Talent (LIFT) Programme focuses on leading in our increasingly challenging and complex environment. It aims to build confidence in courageous and creative leadership. This programme, which has already run very successfully four times, provides a full and balanced leadership development journey to support leaders and teams to provide innovative and high-quality compassionate care. You will gain new insights on leadership and fresh perspectives on your own style of leadership. The programme will immerse you in a wide range of activities and learning to enable you to contribute powerfully in managing today’s health and social care challenges. An underpinning principle of the programme is our belief that leaders develop their leadership abilities and practices by working on real projects and issues and reflecting on all aspects of their experience. Peer support and discussion is a vital part of the programme allowing the benefit of perspectives and expertise from many different settings in health and social care.
Building on the success of previous LIFT programmes, the NHS South West Leadership Academy has engaged with leaders delivering health and social care services to design LIFT 2018/19 in partnership with the University of the West of England. Drawing on the success and learning from previous runs of LIFT and updated to reflect the changing needs of the health and care sector, LIFT 2018/19 will provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment where participants can work with colleagues to learn together what leadership practices actually make a difference to patients and their own service improvement area.

Who should participate in the Programme?

One of the strengths of the LIFT programme is the diversity of participant profiles and the insights into different aspects of the healthcare system this provides. The programme welcomes applications from leaders from all parts of the health and care sector with a commitment to improving compassionate patient care in their service area. This might include, for example:

  • Leaders who are responsible for leading service improvements/innovations and the development of clinical services to patients, including Mental Health, Community Health, Acute Trusts, Community Interest Companies and CCGs.
  • Leaders in support functions who are involved, and have some responsibility for, initiatives designed to improve patient care.
  • Leaders in social care and public health settings: who are collaborating with health sector colleagues on health sector improvements and innovations.

Programme overview

The programme is an 8 Month full service Leadership Programme comprising:

  • A total of 10 module days, delivered in a combination of one, two and three-day modules. The residential element of the two and three-day modules makes an important contribution to the success of the programme and the depth of participants’ learning. As well as providing informal times and spaces where participants can develop their personal networks, the quality of relationships the participants form during these breaks contributes to the trust-building that underpins a safe, supportive learning environment
  • The Leadership Exchange is a further 4 days of guided learning where participants ‘pair-up’ and spend two days observing and supporting in each other’s work environment.
  • Access to a one-to-one coaching session for all participants focusing on 360 feedback
  • A series of inter-module activities that link to and support the work done on modules, helping to deepen learning.

Programme dates:

Module 1 – 1 day (Induction) 26th October 2018 UWE
Module 2 – 3 days (Leadership of Self) 26th, 27th, 28th November 2018 Bristol Zoo
Module 3 – 2 days (Leading High Performance Teams) 25th, 26th February 2019 UWE
Module 4 – 1 day (understanding & Influencing Systems) 29th March 2019 UWE
Module 5 -2 days (Leadership in Action) 9th, 10th May 2019 Bristol Zoo
Module 6 – 1 day (Learning Celebration) 6th June 2019 UWE

The learning outcomes from the LIFT programme are:

  • To increase leadership confidence and competence in order to bring about innovative improvements in compassionate patient care
  • To develop leaders with the skills, capacities and vision and insight to work inclusively and at a systems level, in multidisciplinary teams and across organisational boundaries, with a wide range of partners and stakeholders
  • To develop resilient leaders who can think and act holistically in support of improvements in team climate enabling more compassionate patient care
  • To challenge assumptions and demonstrate creative thinking, courageous action and decision-making in real work challenges and service transformation
  • To encourage reflective review and learning as a fundamental tool for improvement
  • To benefit from learning and networking with participants from other organisations gaining a better understanding of the wider system and partnership working
  • To increase appreciation of the nature of compassionate systems leadership, in an environment of increasing complexity and accelerating change
  • To increase participants’ personal impact, resilience and influencing skills across all organisational levels, including peer groups
  • To raise awareness and adoption of inclusive leadership to inform participants’ everyday leadership practices
  • To develop participants’ capacities for horizon scanning and systems leadership, adopting broader perspectives to look outside their immediate setting at ways to improve the experience of healthcare for patients, users and their families, as well as for their teams.

LIFT Leaders are compassionate, collaborative, resilient leaders who can think and act holistically in support of improvements in patient care, improving the provision of compassionate care in and across health and care organisations. They have the confidence, entrepreneurial mindset, skills and authority needed to ‘think systemically’ and ‘act locally’ to lead innovations that will improve patient care. Through LIFT, participants raise their personal impact and influencing skills across all organisational levels.

Assignments and submission requirements

There are no assessed assignments. However, participants will be asked to complete a range of inter-module activities including a 360 feedback process and take part in an individual coaching session with a programme coach. In addition, each participant will be required to make a brief presentation to a small group of participant colleagues on the learning, application and benefits arising at work as a result of the programme. Certification of completion of the course is conditional upon this element being fulfilled.

Programme participants also complete a ‘leadership exchange’ with a partner from the programme. Each person visits the other’s workplace for two days. The observations, insights and mutual feedback arising from this are an important component of the programme’s leadership learning journey. Key insights will feed into the individual presentations on the final module.
Inter-module activities are typically circulated at least three weeks in advance of the next module and are designed to stimulate learning and application in the workplace.
As a participant, you share your reflections on your learning and application with a small group and facilitator on the morning of the learning celebration (6th June 2019)

Programme team of coaches:

Carol Jarvis:

Carol is Professor in Knowledge Exchange and Innovation at Bristol Business School. She has a depth of experience in the design, facilitation and evaluation of leadership development programmes, with a particular expertise in leading through complexity and making change happen. She is an experienced team and leadership coach and has contributed to previous Aspiring Top Leaders and LIFT programmes.

Jane Hadfield:

Jane is an Associate Consultant with Bristol Business School and the national lead for apprenticeships at Health Education England. She is an experienced NHS Coach, having coached and mentored senior clinical leaders for many years. She has been responsible for designing, delivering and evaluating leadership programmes at a major south west healthcare trust, as well as successfully leading a Learning and Research department. Jane is also an experienced organisational development practitioner and has contributed to previous Aspiring Top Leaders and LIFT programmes. Jane is also a Registered Nurse and has a senior clinical leadership background.

Jane James:

As an Associate Consultant with Bristol Business School, Jane works on leadership development programmes particularly with NHS colleagues. She has contributed to the Aspiring Top Leaders and four previous LIFT programmes. She is an action learning facilitator and has been working with leaders from the public sector in this way for nearly twenty years. A qualified executive coach, Jane trains and assesses coaches and coach supervisors as well as offering supervision herself. She contributes to academic writing and research most recently in relation to adult ego development and educational leadership.

Rob Sheffield:

Rob is a Visiting Fellow with Bristol Business School and Director of Bluegreen Learning. Rob’s interest is learning is driven by wanting to help people learn useful approaches, apply them, and share their stories of positive impact with other learners. He has consulted, trained, coached, lectured and written in the area of leadership development for 25 years. This has involved working in the UK and overseas, in healthcare, professional services, education and business services. He has contributed to the Aspiring Top Leaders and four previous LIFT programmes.

Applications for this cohort are now closed.

Key Dates:

Starts October 2018

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