The Essence of Leadership Series

The Essence of Leadership Series

NHS South West Leadership Academy are looking to develop the entry level leadership capability across the South West.

This Series is aimed at emerging leaders – those starting their leadership careers or who have just moved into a role with leadership responsibilities for the first time.

Leadership Essentials is the ‘Hub’ workshop and has six ‘Spoke’ workshops to compliment the provision. You can come on any or all of these in any order:

  • Using Emotional Intelligence
  • Healthy Conversations
  • Resilience and Personal Impact
  • Creativity and Innovative Working
  • Managing Change
  • Influencing in a Systems Context

Series Aims and Objectives:

  • For emerging leaders to develop confidence and capability in their individual leadership style
  • Increase self-awareness as a leader
  • Develop capability and confidence as a new or emergent leader
  • Acquire leadership skills and knowledge
  • Provide an opportunity to practically apply the skills and knowledge in a safe environment

Using Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Learning Objectives

  • Describe what Emotional Intelligence (EI) is
  • Recognise the importance of self-awareness, and how to use this to gain a better understanding of ourselves and others
  • Explain the relevance of EI to leadership
  • Describe Daniel Goleman’s 6 leadership styles and when to use them
  • Recognise the importance of flexing styles and approaches to get the best from relationships, teams and different situations


  • What is EI?
  • Developing your self-awareness
  • The relevance of EI to leadership
  • Daniel Goleman’s 5 leadership styles
  • EI scenarios

Healthy Conversations

Learning Objectives

  • Recognise the importance of understanding ‘behaviours’, when managing teams and individuals
  • Identify the key blockers to healthy conversations
  • Explain how to build rapport to develop relationships
  • Navigate and manage your emotional reactions and those you encounter
  • Identify assertive communication skills and techniques, including giving constructive feedback.


  • Sharing our experiences
  • Building rapport
  • Emotional state management – meet your chimp
  • Assertive communication skills
  • Feedback skills

Resilience and Personal Impact

Learning Objectives

    • Recognise the signs and symptoms of stress in yourself and others
    • Determine and address the common causes and types of work-related stress
  • Identify practical ways to increase personal and team resilience during times of increased work pressure


  • What is stress, pressure and resilience?
  • Causes of stress
  • Signs of stress
  • Neuroscience of stress
  • Tools and techniques for building self-resilience
  • Team resilience

Creativity and Innovative Working

**Please note, the content for this workshop is same as the Momentum Series workshop – Creative Collaboration**

 Learning Objectives

  • Establish what Creative Thinking is, and why we need to be creative
  • Identify what creative people do that is different –their methods, mindsets and behaviours
  • Practice specific methods and behaviours of creative thinking on example innovation challenges


  • Context: Leadership & Innovation/Creativity
  • Freshness
  • Greenhousing sessions
  • Realness and storytelling

Managing Change

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how and why people react differently to change
  • Describe Kotter’s 8-step Model
  • Develop techniques to effectively engage and support staff throughout extended periods of change
  • Identify ways to manage both resistors and players
  • Explain how to communicate change  


  • Reactions to Change
  • The 8-Steps to Successful Change
  • Creating Engagement
  • Dealing with Resistance
  • Communicating Change

Influencing in a Systems Context

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the key principles of ‘Systems Leadership’, the challenges it presents, and how it impacts on the way we work
  • Use Stakeholder Mapping to develop a better understanding of the people we interact with
  • Develop a range of communication styles and techniques to help build relationships
  • Explain what ‘influencing’ is, and how we can use it to create consensus and build closer connections
  • Leverage the right type of influence using the appropriate ‘Power Bases’ 


  • What is Systems Leadership?
  • An introduction to stakeholder mapping
  • Building relationships
  • Influencing others
  • Power Bases
  • Communication styles

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