Introducing the Thinking Environment – Improving Virtual Communications to Get the Best from Your Teams

This programme has been designed for Training Hub and Primary Care colleagues to develop their virtual communications through a Thinking Environment learning approach.

Delivered by Wyman Associates, in partnership with the NHS South West Leadership Academy and South West Training Hubs

November 2021

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Programme Outline

Why the Thinking Environment and why now?

Everything we do begins with thinking. If our thinking is good, our decisions are good, our actions are good, our outcomes are good. So, what does it take for us to think for ourselves – with rigour, imagination, courage and grace? After years of observation Nancy Kline, originator of the Thinking Environment approach, noticed that the single most important factor in whether people can think for themselves well is how they are being treated by the people with them while they are thinking.

A Thinking Environment not only produces the best practical results of people’s time together. It also dignifies, lifts, and lets soar the human mind and spirit. A key aspect of the Thinking Environment, and something that sets it apart from other approaches, is the focus on fresh, independent thinking. To quote Nancy Kline “thinking for yourself is a radical act” This programme introduces participants to the 10 Components that free people from behaviours that inhibit thinking:

Aims of the Programme

Participants will explore and practice the ways everyday work and business communication structures such as meetings, dialogue, discussion, consultation, presentations, facilitation, interviews, resolving conflict and working with colleagues and staff can be transformed into clear-thinking, invigorating, positive experience. They will have the opportunity to discover the high quality thinking these behaviours produce and to discuss the importance of this expertise for working superbly as colleagues, leaders and teams.

Participants will be introduced to the basic building blocks of the model which create thinking environments:

  • Rounds                                  • Thinking Pairs
  • Open Discussion                • Dialogue

To find out more about the programme watch this short promotional video. Click Here to watch.

Target audience

This programme is available to Training Hubs and Primary Care colleagues

Structure and Content of the Programme

This programme will be held across 3 online sessions with each session being 3 hours. Participants will need to attend all 3 sessions.

During the session, participants will be split into two cohorts, with two facilitators supporting each cohort.


Virtual Programme on Zoom

Cohort 1

Cohort 2

Session 1

8th November 2021
8th November 2021

Session 2

15th November 2021

15th November 2021

Session 3 22nd November 2021

22nd November 2021


Programme Facilitators

Mitzi Wyman and her Associates are experienced in working with a range of organisations and most work on NHS Leadership Academy Faculty Programmes, which includes programmes such as the Nye Bevan (board ready), Rosalind Franklin, Aspirant Chairs and programmes. Mitzi Wyman has particular expertise of working in primary care and in 2020 delivered a suite of programmes introducing the Thinking Environment to PC colleagues across Luton and Bedfordshire.

 Mitzi Wyman, LLM, MSc began her career as a solicitor and academic specialising in International Environmental Law but went on to study Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology and train as a coach, facilitator and teacher of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment methodology. Mitzi’s clients include high profile public bodies such as the Cabinet Office, Judicial Office, UN, and World Bank as well as major corporate entities. She leads the consortium delivering a major systems leadership programme for the NHS in the SW.


Gill Rogers is an independent consultant, facilitator and leader in both the private and public sector. She is a Registered Nurse who has worked across hospital, community and primary care settings in a variety of roles and organisations. Gill currently leads the GPN programme for Capital Nurse and NHSE / I (London), chairs the Capital Nurse GPN retention sub-group, leads on the development of non-clinical staff in a CCG and is supporting stakeholders to optimise student nurse placement capacity in an STP. She is trained in Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment methodology and part of the team led by Mitzi Wyman, delivering systems leadership across the NHS in the South-West.

How to register

Please note that this programme has a participant capacity of 30.

Registrations close on 25th October 2021.

By applying, you are agreeing to a cancellation charge of £150, you will be liable for this fee if you are successful in obtaining a place and then withdraw/ do not attend the programme without extenuating circumstances.


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