Facilitation Skills

During this two day workshop you will be immersed in the theory and practical application of facilitation as a skill – learning the core elements of clarity of purpose, generating trust, and building connection. This experiential programme enables participants to practice and reflect on a range of tools and techniques, practical application in the workplace and the support of a virtual action learning set and a co-coaching approach.

Facilitation is an interesting, important, challenging but rewarding role to take on. Whether a formal part of your role or not, effective facilitation can add greatly to the value, productivity and successful outcomes of meetings and events.

Effective facilitation:

  • Ensures everyone can find their voice – encouraging the quieter members of groups to participate while managing, skilfully, the contributions of the more talkative.
  • Helps ensure good ideas aren’t lost and masses of data are synthesised into a coherent and usable package.
  • Helps identify what’s been achieved and where the gaps still exist in the group’s aspirations.
  • Ensures that, rather than being avoided, conflict is channelled into a creative force delivering positive outcomes rather than ‘soggy’ and unsatisfying compromises.

Developing good facilitation skills will add greatly to your professional repertoire allowing you access to wide range of opportunities!

Target audience:

Colleagues moving into Learning & Development,

  • Colleagues new to Organisation Development (OD),
  • Those aspiring to OD roles and those doing OD informally

Aims and objectives:

 Develop understanding of the role of the facilitator

  • Develop understanding groups, group dynamics and how groups develop
  • Develop understanding ‘self as instrument’
  • Explore and gain practice in core facilitation skills to enable groups
  • Build ability to bring effective support and challenge to groups
  • Explore working with emergence
  • Develop understanding of how to manage resistance/conflict

Encouraging, challenging, incisive…it could be easy to be lulled by Mary’s soothing and softly spoken approach. Don’t be… she delivers challenging and effective development interventions for individuals and teams at all levels in organisations to ensure potential is maximised. Mary’s work often sits at the heart of broader cultural change within organisations ranging from banks and finance houses to the cutting technological edge of IT and telecoms businesses. She is a highly experienced facilitator and coach and through working extensively with public sector organisations has great insight into some of the unique challenges faced by those in public service.

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