Evolving an OD Mindset in Primary Care

Are you leading change in Primary Care? Wondering what OD is and how it can help us to bring about successful, sustainable change? Are you already doing it?

Most people are ‘doing OD’, or elements of it, without realising it – and this workshop will help bring those things together with some background, theory and discussion over two days.

Target audience:

This two day workshop is for those working in primary care – especially practice managers, who find themselves needing to lead change efforts in their own practices/organisations and beyond – and who want to broaden their own understanding of OD and how they can apply it to their work.

Aims and objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of your role as an agent for change
  • Understand what an OD mindset is and how it can help our work
  • Develop an understanding of ‘self as instrument’
  • Explore and gain practice in a range of OD tools and techniques
  • Using an OD approach to facilitate change, and impact the system

Participants will develop:

  • An understanding of what OD is, a framework of theory to support it – and a plan as to how it can help them in their role
  • An understanding of different approaches to change – and an understanding of why change management often doesn’t work
  • An understanding of how their own personality can both help them and get in the way in their work
  • We also focus on building confidence in people and recognising the value of their experience and insights.
  • Having an OD mindset allows people to have a wider range of options when they’re trying to influence or bring about change, and will enable people to plan their work differently and bring a different perspective to their work.

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