Developing Virtual Facilitation

Delivered virtually on MS Teams

Enhancing your capacity to facilitate virtual space in a way that accesses the experience, intelligence and wisdom inherent within the system.

The profound demands of this time challenge all of us in the health and care system.  Transitioning to an online world creates an environment that challenges our quality of attention, the ways in which we work together and our ability to see what matters and what doesn’t.  How we work together, and how we think together, regardless of the medium, matters. Our Developing Virtual Facilitation Programme offers a community of inquiry, experimentation and practice to help us bring forth the best qualities of ourselves and each other.

You are invited to join a cohort of your peers from across the South West  that will deepen your design and delivery skills in the virtual environment.  The foundation is the Thinking Environment, a way of being together, developed by Nancy Kline, that is inherently inclusive, emboldening and enhances the quality of thinking in the room.

This offer will provide strong theoretical input, but equally create the space to respond to the specific challenges you face. We’ll build strong Communities of Practice that enable us to share what we are learning about what works and why.

The offer has five sessions over three months, beginning in 2021. We strongly recommend you participate in all sessions.  

The Sessions are:

The Foundations

The introduction to the Thinking Environment. We will be immersed in this practice as a way of being together that enhances the quality of thinking in “the room”—virtual, physical, remote or present.  You will be introduced to the basic building blocks of the practice, which will support the quality of our work together throughout.

The Invitation

Understanding the way in which we invite each other into the work determines in part who comes and what they bring.  We’ll explore creating a truly inclusive space that can access the information that is everywhere in the system—the voice heard and those too often not heard.  We’ll explore the sources and uses of information required to cope with the challenges before us.

Design Lab

We’ll explore what makes good design, introducing key principles and discerning supporting conditions.  This session will introduce strategies for developing process skills through the systems you serve.  People will work together to support each other between sessions.  We’ll identify critical issues and co-design process solutions and apply these. A fundamental understanding of the critical nature of good process design is the essence of this session.

Who You Are as a Facilitator in Virtual Space

The virtual space can be unforgiving and how you show up can be crucial. In this session we’ll explore impact, voice and presence on camera and the importance of pace and timing. We will also consider how you manage uncertainty, the challenge of the technology and create breakthrough, taking participants from the predictable to what is truly possible.

Effective Interventions

In this session we start to use and share ‘tips and tricks’ that we know work in this space. We explore when to use pairs, trios, small group, plenary and tools that will connect and engage the group. This will be your opportunity to practice lessons learned in a safe setting.

“In these troubling and complex times, if you’re not confused, you’re not thinking clearly.” ­Burt Nanus.

Cohort 1

Cohort 2

21 January, 09.00-12.00

26 January, 14.00-17.00

02 February, 09.00-12.00

10 February, 14.00-17.00

18 February, 09.00-12.00

25 February, 14.00-17.00

03 March, 14.00-17.00

09 March, 09.00-12.00

17 March, 14.00-17.00

25 March, 09.00-12.00




Applications have now closed. Please follow the link below to express an interest in a future cohort.

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