Developing a Coaching Culture

An invitation, a challenge, and a vision

A key theme of our work over the next 12 months is focused on the ways in which we can encourage and influence the embedded nature of coaching to our partners in the region as a means of supporting recovery and regeneration.

We hope to work collaboratively with champions, colleagues and partners to co-produce a model of coaching that is primarily focused on building on the potential of informal, relational and unstructured coaching cultures to permeate into systems, organisations and communities and enact powerful change in the way we experience and deliver the NHS Long Term Plan. We don’t know what this coaching culture looks or feels like, but we hope to explore with you how the characteristics of any good coaching relationship – openness, humility, trust, aspiration, ownership – can contribute to this vision.

We are calling this our regional exploratory, and invite you to take your place on the journey – as guides, navigators and fellow travellers – as we seek to find our way.

In attempting this, we are acutely aware of the myriad complex, interdependent and dynamic systems that make up the fabric of our region and that act as the foundation for our experience. We are experienced observers of the messy, fragmented, contradictory and blurry-edged nature of culture. We are under no illusions about the size of this task.

We also know that cultural change requires us to understand two things; the way that people interact, and their response to change. It can be challenging to implement the type of transformational change that encourage the necessary shifts and evolution of ‘the way we do things around here’, to break systemic and institutionalised barriers and to reimagine how things could be.

However, it is a clear objective of the NHS Long Term Plan to embed a culture of compassion, inclusion and collaboration. Therefore, we need to ensure we have enough people with the skills and experience to lead with the behaviours that can enact this level of change. We want to embrace a culture of belonging and empathy, with the abundant support to manage the complex, challenging and critical role in delivering the highest quality care for our communities.

The South West Leadership Academy asks you to consider joining a community which strives to explore, understand and embed a culture of learning, positivity, compassion and support.

We are building partnerships with a broad range of contributors to design a series of facilitated workshops to support with the initial formation of a distributed and diverse Community of Practice, and to capture and respond to the emerging themes and development needs as we journey through this experience.

Our series of initial workshops will aim to:

  • Establish an influential community with a shared objective of developing a culture of coaching across our region, exploring together what this truly means.
  • Engage a community who challenge and support each other’s thinking and practice through long-term relationships with mutual agreement of expectations and accountabilities.
  • Nurture, mobilise, grow and sustain a Coaching Culture throughout the region and beyond.

There are 24 places available for those who wish to attend the four workshops in the series, running from 13th May until 23rd June. Each workshop will run virtually for 4 hours. You can expect to meet and work with a range of colleagues across the group and establish accountability partnerships to continue the work beyond this initial series.

Action Learning Sets will be established, providing the opportunity to coach each other on your efforts to embody and embed this coaching culture. LeaderSpace will facilitate the first Action Learning session. We’re then encouraging you to pick up the baton and continue to meet in your Action Learning Set every 2 months to support each other, or more frequently if you prefer.

Details on the series can be found below. Signing up means you are committing to all four workshop dates and one of the two dates for Action Learning.

WorkshopDate Time/Platform
Workshop 1 ‘Why and What’: Why might we want a coaching culture? What might it look like? What are the pros and cons?13th May 20219am – 1pm MS Teams
Workshop 2 ‘How and Who’: How we’ll create the culture we’re looking for, in our own teams and organisations. Who we’ll need to help us and how we’ll get them on board.27th May 20219am – 1pm MS Teams
Workshop 3 ‘Where and When’: Where and when is this already happening? What green shoots are we seeing, here and elsewhere, and how can we nurture them?9th June 20211pm – 5pm MS Teams
Workshop 4 ‘What next?’: Mapping and modelling the complex systems that enable and inhibit this culture we’re seeking. Setting ourselves up for success going forward.23rd June 20219am – 1pm MS Teams
Action Learning Set – group 113th July 20219am – 1pm MS Teams
Action Learning Set – group 215th July 20219am – 1pm MS Teams

Target audience

We welcome those that are true advocates of coaching and mentoring-type interactions, and/or are effective and passionate developers of these skills whether this is something you do formally and consciously, or instinctively day-to-day. This community is for the people who see the value in slowing down to speed up, and can facilitate opportunities for others to do the same.

There are limited spaces available, so when applying for a place, please consider and share with us the approach you’ll take to disseminating and advocating your learning in your organisation and how you’ll evaluate the impact.


This programme has closed for applications. Please follow the link below to express an interest in future programmes.

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