Compassionate and Inclusive Leadership Programme

Almost every day we read about the adverse effect of inequality, prejudice and discrimination and calls for greater fairness, equality and social justice. And whilst things are changing for the better, progress at times can feel slow and often fraught with challenges. So finding ways to engage the hearts and minds of colleagues and fellow workers is critical to success. This too is effective leadership.

The compassionate Inclusive Leadership programme will introduce you to a simple, yet effective approaches to inclusion, that will enable you stay engaged with challenging situations without feeling overwhelmed. Moreover, you will learn how, rather than reactively responding to ‘difficulties’ aggressively or defensively, to take a pro-active, calm, thoughtful and effective response thereby making a real difference in building an inclusive and equitable workplace.

The compassionate inclusion leadership programme offers an opportunity to cultivate your natural compassion so that is can be applied to creating inclusive, diverse and equitable culture and develop inclusive leadership practices.

Target audience:

Individuals with a commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion whose work provides the opportunity to apply programme learning within their workplace.

Aims and objectives:

 – Understand compassion based approaches to inclusion, including addressing unconscious bias, and building a fair, equitable and inclusive workplace culture.

Recognise your personal strengths for promoting inclusion and how to put them to best use in their work.

Learn and practice compassionate ways to approaching familiar challenges.

Explore compassion-based ways to ensure staff engagement with inclusion, including  leadership buy-in.

Learn and practice self-compassion as way of maintaining their resilience during difficult times.

Applications for this programme have closed. To find out more about leadership development opportunities at the South West Leadership Academy please call 01454 252719 or email

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