Collaborative Leaders Programme (Northern Devon Pilot)

Leading Collaboratively with People with Lived Experiences.

Pilot programme for Northern Devon

Delivered by the NHS South West Leadership Academy and The King’s Fund

Starting October 2021


Health and wellbeing are profoundly influenced by what happens in places and communities and how services operating in a place interconnect. Health and care organisations, local government and other local agencies need to work more closely together, co-ordinating the services they deliver to people. They need to work in partnership with citizens and communities to harness the vital contribution of the voluntary and community sector.

One Northern Devon (OND) is a partnership of public and voluntary partners, working together to improve the health and wellbeing for the people and communities of North Devon and Torridge. OND aims to reduce health inequalities through co-ordination of the activity of all partners involved in the wider determinants of health, using an approach that is person-centred and place-focused. At the heart of this work are professionals and people with lived experience developing a new set of working relationships embedded in new power dynamics.

Aims of the Programme

The programme will provide a safe space for curiosity and conversation. An opportunity to feel motivated, and to be inspired, to work in collaboration and influence real change within the Communities we live.

To achieve the objectives of co-production and co-learning, the aims of the programme are:

  • For individuals – an increased ability and confidence to use your lived experience to positively influence the services you use
  • For Healthcare Professionals – an increased ability to work collaboratively with service users to make improvements to the service you provide.
  • For the System – to support the System through rapid learning about a model of quality improvement, where the collaboration and relationship between service users and service providers is the foundation for change.

Target audience

Please note: This programme is a pilot programme and is only open to Northern Devon. If you are outside of the Northern Devon footprint and are interested in this programme, please express an interest and we will be able to inform you if we run another cohort.

People with Lived Experiences

‘People with lived experience’ are people in the community who have been supported by a Healthcare Professional or community services. They also include carers who are supporting other people with their health conditions.

Healthcare Professionals

‘Healthcare’ includes professionals who support others with wider determinants of health. For instance, professionals supporting people with health issues who might also be unemployed and homeless to find work and a home.

Structure and Content of the Programme

The programme will take place over approximately 4 months. Participants will work in pairs. The pair will comprise of:

  • A health and care professional or professional associated with the broader definition of health and wellbeing, such as professionals supporting colleagues who are unemployed or homeless.
  • An individual with lived experience.

The pair will focus on a service change project in their locality. The task will be to explore what supports and prevents collaborative and partnership working in order to facilitate the service change.

The programme will include:

  • A pre-programme interview between the facilitator and each collaborative pair
  • 4 workshops (to be confirmed whether this will be held virtually or face-to-face).


Dates (Timings TBC)

Workshop 119th October 2021
Workshop 216th November 2021
Workshop 314th December 2021
Coaching Session11th January 2022
Workshop 48th February 2022

Undertaking work outside of the workshops

Between the workshops, the Collaborative Pairs will work together in ‘co-coaching’ sessions to solidify their learning.

Programme Facilitator

Mark Doughty is a senior consultant in leadership and organisational development at The Kings Fund, a health charity and think tank. He is also co-founder and director of The Centre for Patient Leadership.  He is the designer of Leading Collaboratively with Citizens with Lived Experience and is working with One Northern Devon to build a model of partnership working. The model will support the health and wellbeing of individual citizens, providing them with the competence and confidence to lead their own lives. The model will also enable citizens to contribute to the design and delivery of health and wellbeing services.

How to register

This pilot is open to Northern Devon only, the Healthcare Professional is required to register for this programme and provide information for their Collaborative Pair’s Sponsor and Person with Lived Experience. 

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This programme is a pilot programme and is only open to Northern Devon, if you are outside of the Northern Devon footprint and are interested in this programme, please express an interest and we will be able to inform you if we run another cohort.

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