Bursting the Bubble

How an OD Mindset can help us find new ways of thinking and doing.

Developing an OD Mindset can help us interpret events differently.   And in turn, this can sometimes help us identify alternative ways of making progress when we seem to be stuck. This can apply to when it comes to bringing about change, influencing other people or understanding how our roles fit within a broader system.   A couple of key questions we’ll look at will include –

What is OD anyway?

Is it a science? Is it an art? Is it pink and fluffy? Or is it something else? Does it matter?   As a relatively new body of knowledge and experience, it continues to find its way – but there are plenty of definitions out there.

Why Change Fails – through an OD lens

Why is it that when leaders ‘pull a lever’ to make something happen, they find it’s not attached to anything anymore? We need to be more flexible about how we think about the organisations we work in – and by doing so, we can uncover other ways of trying to get things done.

Resilience – being too clever

Working in OD, we need to be accurate thinkers and be careful not to over-interpret. What are some of the things we need to watch out for, when we become just a little too clever for our own good?

Aims and Objectives:

This workshop is focused on building a common understanding of how OD, as a practice, can help people look at situations differently, and find alternative ways forward.

Participants should be able to articulate what OD means to them, as well as their own theory of change i.e. what they believe works

Target audience:

This workshop is for those that may have some experience of change and who have an interest in broadening their knowledge to understand more about how OD can help them find alternative ways of making progress.   It is relevant to those working in any operational role where they need to draw on skills around team working, influence, change and have to build relationships with people and teams outside their own immediate role.

It is for the curious – and those willing to be practical and contribute.


Simon Bird has been a development professional, coach, consultant and facilitator for over 20 years. He has an interest in innovative development approaches, as well as ongoing design and implementation of sustainable solutions.   He works across the field of OD – which includes culture, change, leadership development, working with teams and one to one coaching. He works with a wide range of clients, with extensive experience in the NHS, where he started his career as a graduate management trainee.

He now works with organisations across the health service, as well as other parts of the public sector, not for profit and the private sector.

Simon’s career started in the NHS, where he worked in a number of operational roles before moving into the organisational development area. He has extensive experience and expertise in personal and organisational development, particularly in public sector organisations – but with design and delivery experience across other sectors.

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