Rising Stronger

From mental health to mental wealth

The world has moved on and so must our thinking and behaviours.
This session is absolutely not about challenging you to up your game or work harder, it’s about nudging you to remember who you are at your best. That’s not only good for you. It creates positive ripples that impact on your family, your team and patients.
Bouncing back is one thing, bouncing forward is quite another.

RISING STRONGER has individual and team resilience at its core.

Your wellbeing 6-pack

RISING STRONGER is built around a wellbeing and resilience ‘6-pack’:

  1. Adaptability: With the new normal in charge, it’s important to be able to unlearn and relearn. 2021 will be challenging, so you may as well learn a mindset to match
    The power of NOW: The best way to inoculate yourself against stress is to calm your thinking. Therefore, we include a smidgeon of mindfulness like you’ve never heard it before
    3. Words create worlds: It’s so easy to slide back into old habits. We introduce a few words that will help you to rethink your thinking
    4. Drop the guilt: A recurring theme of all our training is to do less and be more. To reboot, it’s often a matter of switching off and back on again. The same principle also applies to human beings
    5. Impact: We’re all superheroes pretending to be normal. Pants on the outside is a fashion faux pas so, instead, RISING STRONGER is about rediscovering your mojo
    6. Getting over it: We all carry mental baggage and it ain’t half easy to develop a habit of grumbling. To have your best year ever, you need to learn to let go

Who is this session for:

Open to colleagues, clinical and non-clinical, those who have an interest in leadership and those in a leadership or management role across the South West region. We would highly recommend that you will have completed The Art of being Brilliant in advance of this session. These are taking place on the following dates:

Book Your Place

24th February 2022 – 15:00-16:00 – Reserve your place here

This session will be delivered via MS Teams

Facilitator, Mike Martin, Art of Brilliance    

Mike’s passion in life is to be the difference that makes the difference in peoples lives, inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves more often. A self confessed IT Geek and recovering ‘mood hoover’, Mike first came across the Art of Brilliance in 2013 as a delegate and by 2015 was delivering workshops, seminars and keynotes across the UK.

Mike’s favourite quote sums up what being an Art of Brilliance trainer is all about “We have the most wonderful job in the world. We find people in various stages of sleep. And then we get to tap them on the shoulder and be with them as they wake up to the full magnificence of life.” (Sydney Banks)

Mike co-wrote the book ‘Leadership the Multiplier Effect’ with Andy Cope and Jonathan Peach and with Sanjeev Sandhu is the co-creator of Art Of Brilliance’s online programme ‘Wellbeing Workout’ which lets him flex his IT geek muscles on a regular basis.

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