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Tool: Coaching register

Coaches All health and social care professionals who work within the South West region may apply to join the register providing they meet the following requirements Coach Registration Requirements:...

  • Specialisms:
  • Coaching & Mentoring (CM)


Tool: Do OD App and Culture Change Tool

Do OD has launched an app for OD practitioners which puts a range of OD resources at your fingertips. At the heart of the app sits a brand new...

  • Specialisms:
  • Organisational Development (OD)



Tool: Mentoring Register

Mentoring Mentoring is a developmental relationship in which one person (the Mentor) – usually someone more knowledgeable (though ‘peer’ mentoring can be as successful) helps another (the Mentee) to...

  • Specialisms:
  • Coaching & Mentoring (CM)


Tool: TypeCoach

The Typecoach Verifier tool is an online tool which enables participants to identify and understand their natural personality type in relation to Carl Jung’s theory of personality type (1971):...

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