Re-engagement Survey

As one of our valued stakeholders in the NHS South West Leadership Academy, we would like to invite you to participate in a short survey aimed at gathering your insights and input into our future leadership development opportunities as the NHS Covid-19 response integrates with business as usual. We are keen to hear how the past few months have...

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Supporting yourself through recovery

The impact of Covid-19 continues to disrupt and interrupt our everyday lives in many ways, and we are all experiencing a level of change that is both unprecedented in speed and in global reach. The impact of this has been felt more acutely and keenly by those working for at the front-line of patient care or deployed to support...

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72nd Birthday of the NHS

Today marks the 72nd Birthday of the NHS. It allows us a moment to pause and reflect on one of the most remarkable years in service. The healthcare sector has been instrumental in the fight against the Coronavirus, with limited amount of time to prepare for a global pandemic, we can say with pride, our healthcare colleagues have gone...

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NHS Birthday 2020

“On 5 July 2020, it will be 72 years since the NHS and social care system was established. 2020 has been the most challenging year in NHS history. This year, the birthday is an opportunity to recognise, reflect and remember. To recognise the skills, commitment, achievements, compassion and diversity of all our 1.9 million people, across more than 350...

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Moment of remembrance – Saturday 4 July

“Saturday 4 July, the day before the birthday, will be a moment of remembrance and reflection for those we have lost during the pandemic. This is a chance for the nation to come together and pay our respects. It is being led by the Together Coalition and we are asking people to place a light in their window or on their...

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Leadership Pride

We are taking a different approach this year by exploring the benefits of leadership and leading through examples of pride in our work. We will concentrate on the pride we all have from being an NHS leader, which is self-sustaining and motivating; leadership through our programmes and individual’s leadership journeys as well as directly looking and seeking out the...

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Introduction to Coaching Supervision open for applications

Here at the South West Leadership Academy, our aim is to increase the capacity and capability of our coaches and mentors across the South West by providing accredited programmes, CPD opportunities and supervision/reflective practice. We have a growing register of coaches and mentors and our future aim would be to provide supervision at all our CPD events. This programme...

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