Master Class Series: Getting the best from Challenging Teams

Every team (and Leader) has challenges, and if not addressed, they will affect team success, often lowering morale and interfering with getting the job done.

So, how does a Leader and their team begin the process of diagnosing and addressing their particular challenges?

This practical and interactive masterclass will provide some ideas and techniques for better understanding the typical challenges that exist on an individual and team level and for taking action to address them.

Topics covered will include:

Individual Challenges:

  • Optimising ‘Talent’ – how all team members have ‘potential’ to be realised.
  • Interpersonal differences and conflict – the need for honest conversations to uncover and resolve conflicts.
  • Increasing engagement and optimism – combatting levels of passivity and learned helplessness in team member behaviours.
  • Persuading others and utilising appropriate sources of influence – looking at different sources and needs for power in teams and how to harness these positively.

Team-based Challenges:

  • Team climates and culture – signs and symptoms of effective, high performing teams (and how to develop these).
  • Appetite for change and/or innovation – the need for courage and conviction (the leader as role model).
  • Encouraging collaborative working – looking at the obstacles and enablers for better working within and across organisations. 

Session Outcomes:

As a result of attending the session participants will be able to:

  • Identify their own specific team challenges.
  • Describe the common struggles leaders face in getting their teams to be cohesive and effective.
  • Use a number of tools and techniques to better understand and resolve the challenges they face.
  • Specify a range of steps that can be taken to help individuals and the team perform at a higher level.



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