Introduction to Coaching Supervision programme

The supervisory workshop for the South West Leadership Academy’s Introduction to Coaching Supervision programme took place on Tuesday. The programme is for qualified coaches and involves a short introductory and post programme webinar, a taught study day, which is highly participative and an action learning set. The programme comprises an overview of the concept, nature and value of coaching supervision; exploration of the differences between coaching supervision and clinical/ therapeutic supervision; introduction to a supervision model; reviewing the skills and competencies of coaching supervision’ an opportunity to practice supervision skills in live coach supervision sessions and planning for the practical application of the skills learned.

The programme is facilitated by Kate Hesk. Kate Hesk has coached many and varied clients including directors, Managing Directors and leaders at all levels in small and large organisations. Kate has also been working closely over the past two years delivering coaching services and accredited coaching skills training in Strategic Health Authorities such as NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, NHS South Central, NHS East of England and with the NHS North West Leadership Academy. Kate specialises in coaching individuals and teams through change including major business change; mentoring, self-leadership and personal growth techniques, leadership and team development programmes and strategic and marketing consultancy. Kate is an experienced coach and coaching supervisor.


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