Improvement Leaders Collaborative learning event

This week we held the learning event for the end of our Improvement Leaders Collaborative programme. Christina Quinn, Director of the South West Leadership Academy was delighted to attend to to join in celebrating participants’ learning and congratulate them.

The programme was for teams delivering cross-system change and improvement projects, it fast tracked their team development and tackled real team issues to accelerate progress and increase project impact. It equipped teams with the tools and methodologies to support them to be successful in a system context and provided tailored support for each team to address their particular issues.

Each team had from three to five members. The teams shared learning and peer reviewed other teams as part of the process. The programme comprised one residential module, two one day master classes and closed with the learning event.

The objectives of the programme were:

  • To fast track the development of strong system teams who operate effectively together to deliver system change and improvement projects
  • To support teams to make purposeful interventions into the system that makes a tangible impact on the health and well-being of communities
  • To equip with people with essential tools and methods to deliver system change effectively well as develop their individual and collective leadership

Participants also had access to individual development such as diagnostics and coaching and each member was supported to think about their impact as system leaders in the team and beyond.

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