Healthcare Leadership Model Network event

On Tuesday 26th March we held our Healthcare Leadership Model Network event to support the continued development of facilitators & let stakeholder organisations know more about the model, how it can be used and its future development. It was supported by some of the team from JCA Global, the system providers for the HLM, and Tracy Lonetto programme lead from the NHS Leadership Academy.

JCA provided a CPD session during the morning looking at techniques that will support facilitators when facilitating difficult HLM feedback conversations. Tracey provided a national update looking at data analysis, the trends identified and how these will support the evolution of the HLM model.

The Healthcare Leadership Model was developed to support all leaders, in Health and Social care, in their day to day role. Leaders can benefit by discovering and exploring their own leadership behaviours and this awareness of both their strengths and limitations will have a direct impact on how they behave and interact with others.

Across the South West we have a number of facilitators who have been trained to deliver feedback to those who have completed their 360’s and we have a number of organisations who have or are exploring how to incorporate the Healthcare Leadership Model into their leadership development.

Thank you to everyone who attended and for the contributions they gave.

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