GMTS March 2021 Intake | Bid to Host a Trainee

We are pleased to announce that the bidding process to host a trainee from March 2021 is now open! Please note that this intake is only available for the following specialisms: General Management, Human Resources and GMTS Finance Apprenticeship (previously Finance Management).

Please click on the link below to complete the ‘Commitment to pay and statement of bid particulars’ form by Monday 5 October 2020.

Commitment to pay and bid particulars online form

The lead host organisation or lead host system is responsible for sourcing both the first and second placement and is required to complete the online form for their own placement and the placement in their partner organisation. We encourage system placement bids that will provide opportunities for trainees to work across the wider health and care system. A lead host organisation must submit the bid (to cover both first and second placements) on behalf of the partnership/system.


Please read the following guidance: GMTS Overview Guide

Finance specialism changes  

The existing GMTS Finance specialism is changing to a Level 7 Apprenticeship scheme for Trainees joining the GMTS from March 2021 and will be named the GMTS – Finance Apprenticeship.

For the March 2021 intake the GMTS Finance Apprenticeship will be a pilot scheme, requiring a high level of commitment from host organisations. This includes:

  • Additional levels of support for the Trainee in the form of a workplace mentor
  • A change to the specialism duration from 30 to 36 months.
  • Host organisations will continue to provide a financial contribution for each Trainee as well as contributing from their Apprenticeship Levy to the education provider.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions as well as an infographic to provide further details on the change. Please note these will be regularly updated as we move through the process. Details specifying requirements and expectations from host organisations as well as the education provider will be shared in the coming weeks.

Webinars will be organised in the upcoming weeks to provide an opportunity for you to discuss any questions you may have with the national Apprenticeships team, which we would encourage you to join. In the meantime, if your organisation already hosts apprentices, please do connect with your apprenticeship lead who will be able to provide insight and information on how this initiative works locally.

Please do continue to engage with the rest of the assurance process and online form in the interim.

How to complete the form  

One form must be submitted per trainee i.e. if you wish to host 2 General Management trainees and 1 HR trainee you must complete 3 online forms.

If you select the ‘Save and Continue’ option you will be provided with a unique link that takes a snapshot of the form for you to complete at a later point. Please take a copy of the link just in case; you can also select an option to have the link emailed to you. If you complete further work on the form you will need to request a new ‘Save and Continue’ link each time to ensure you return to the most current version and avoid losing any work.

Key dates

Flowchart of key dates


If you would like more information please contact the team

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