Facilitating Creative Problem Solving

Our three day Facilitating Creative Problem Solving course took place this week at Dillington House in Somerset. It was an intensive, skills-building experience, where participants learnt to facilitate creative problem solving in groups and it was highly experiential. Participants took turns in three roles, working as part of a learning ‘lab’, which were:

  1. Facilitating the group, and learning to use a series of creative problem solving tools.
  2. Being a problem-owning ‘client’, and bringing to the group a challenge that needs the ideas of others.
  3. Being a member of the ‘resource group’ – the group that generates and shortlists ideas to help solve the client’s challenge.

During the course, participants learnt to work through the divergent and convergent phases of a creative problem solving process. They learnt:

  • 12 idea generation and selection tools.
  • 8 rules for effective divergent and convergent thinking.
  • Effective facilitation tips and practices, to enable groups to develop novel and useful ideas.
  • Their preferred problem solving style, and how this is likely to influence their approach as a facilitator.
  • To optimise their strengths and adapt their approach to group creative facilitation.

The programme was facilitated by Rob Sheffield. Rob is an experienced organisational development professional with 25 years’ experience of enabling change in organisations. He has held management roles in the publishing, direct marketing, education and aerospace sectors. Rob has been running his consultancy business since 1999, working nationally and globally across private, public and community sectors. He has just written the book “How Leaders Learn to Boost Creativity in Teams: Innovation Catalysts”, which contains real-life cases from healthcare, technology, law and education.

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