EMCC EQA Bespoke Practitioner Mentoring Programme open for applications

Are you an active Mentor who would like the opportunity to professionalise your practice?

Here at the South West Leadership Academy, our vision is “To develop outstanding healthcare leadership across the South West, in order to improve people’s health and their experiences of the NHS”, and we believe increasing the capacity and capability of Mentors and Coaches will support this vision.

The SWLA have designed this programme to provide you with the opportunity to complete a programme of training accredited by the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) at Practitioner level. On successful completion of the programme you will receive a EMCC European Quality Award (EQA) Bespoke Programme Certificate, and will also be recommended for your EMCC Professional Designation as a Mentor and Coach – ie your European Individual Accreditation (EIA) at Practitioner level or Foundation level depending on the breadth and length of your mentoring and/or coaching experience and practice, against the EMCC Mentoring and Coaching Competence Framework.

The EQA and EIA are globally recognised, demonstrating that an individual practising as a professional mentor and/or coach has the appropriate level of knowledge and the ability to apply it effectively in his/her practice.

Following successful completion of the programme you will be required to:

·      Join the SWLA Mentoring Register

·      Engage in CPD on an ongoing basis to support your practice, minimum of twice per year

·      Attend Supervision to support your practice, minimum of four hours per year

·      Demonstrate ongoing effective reflective practice

(Opportunities to access CPD and Supervision, are provided by the Academy, and can be found through the register).

This is a 2-day programme with an Introductory Webinar and a further Assessment Webinar which will provide support for completion of your EQA and EIA assessment. There will also be a requirement for skills practice between Day 1 and Day 2.

Please note: You must be able to attend all elements of the programme and submit your portfolio for the completion date.

Target audience: Active Mentors across the South West.

This is a Practitioner level programme which requires delegates to have some experience of mentoring either formally or informally. Typically, you will either be working as an internal mentor or using mentoring as part of your main job. Mentoring prior learning and experience, and related CPD is recognised, and valued, prior to the start of the programme.

Learning Outcomes:

Understand the concept of mentoring; the roles and responsibilities for mentors and mentees.
Understand the EMCC core competencies for mentoring and/or coaching and relate to participants own mentoring practice.
Able to apply a limited range of tools and techniques to support your mentoring practice.
Participants will have an awareness of change theories, relationship transition points and how to support change at both an individual and organisation level.
Feel comfortable to manage the client contract including boundaries, ethics and diversity.
Able to evaluate and reflect on their own mentoring practice. Identify development areas and opportunities for CPD
Understand the requirements of the EMCC ongoing EIA process, mentor and coach professional designation pathways, related assessments and renewal.
Programme dates:

Introductory Webinar – Tuesday 17th March 2020 at 12pm
Day 1 – Friday 24th April 2020 09:30 – 17:00, South West House, Taunton
Day 2 – Friday 22nd May 2020 09:30 – 17:00, South West House, Taunton
Assessment Webinar – 1st/2nd/3rd June 2020 12pm date TBC
Assessment Submission – Monday 6th July 2020 at 2pm

We are delighted to be working with both Dr Julie Haddock-Millar and Prof David Clutterbuck in delivering this programme. Julie will be delivering Day 1 and 2 Workshops and David will be supporting with the assessment webinar.

Dr Julie Haddock-Millar is an Associate Professor (Practice) of Human Resource Management and Senior Teaching Fellow at Middlesex University Business School and Visiting Professor at the International University of Monaco. Julie is a Group Lead International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and gained her Doctorate from Middlesex University in the field of strategic organisational development and mentoring and was nominated for the Ken Goulding prize for Professional Excellence. Julie holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University and is a practicing Coach and Mentor.

Julie frequently partners with Prof David Clutterbuck on a variety of projects in the fields of mentoring, coaching and talent management.

Prof David Clutterbuck is a Special Ambassador, for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and he co-founded the EMCC in 1992. He developed the International Standards in Mentoring Programmes in Employment. David now actively promotes the International Standards in Mentoring and Coaching programmes. He has led hundreds of research and practice projects in coaching and mentoring over the past 40 years. The NHS was the first large employer in Europe to introduce formal mentoring – and David designed and helped to implement the first programmes!

About half of his 65 books are on themes relating to coaching and mentoring. He has participated in a wide range of NHS mentoring initiatives, particularly in the context of leader development and equality and diversity. He is currently working with the National Leadership Academy on its programme of ethical mentoring.

How to apply:

To register your interest please click on the link below. Once registered you will be able to download an application form which will need to be returned to leadership.SW@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk by 14th February 2020 5pm. Outcomes will be communicated by 5pm on Tuesday 25th February 2020.

There is no fee to attend, by registering you will be signing up to a cancellation charge of £1000 for non-attendance unless you notify leadership.SW@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk 10 working days in advance of the event date.

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