Our support takes many forms, such as access to specialist knowledge or resources, conversations that enable change, or creating space for leaders to make sense of the evolving landscape and their role in it.

Talent Management

Being successful in today’s complex, health and social care system means effectively identifying, developing and retaining our talented staff.  For services to thrive and continuously improve we need to develop a talent pipeline able to support new leadership, skill development and succession planning.  Our NHS sustainability and success is dependent on having the right people with the right skills in the right roles – with the right behaviours and values.

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Organisational Development

On the website you will find a range of resources and information to support OD practitioners and organisations. This includes national & regional resources. There is already some fantastic OD happening in our region and we want to publicise and share this learning as well as from the range of national resources.

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Systems Leadership

Traditional solutions to the complex issues facing our health and social care organisations have focused on delivering interventions often in isolation from other parts of the system. For some time, clinicians, managers, patients and policy makers have seen the limitations of focussing on single organisational performance and regulation and have begun to build and experiment with ideas, plans and mechanisms to build joined-up integrated health and social care systems.

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The term ‘equality and diversity’ has been used in the NHS for a number of years, however more recently we are now also including the term ‘inclusion’. We aim to weave inclusion into everything we do whilst also having a dedicated focus on key areas. We are keen to actively promote the importance of inclusion in all our activity and this is an important focus within our strategic objectives as well as being embedded into our core values.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring can provide vital support and development at any point in your career, helping to develop adaptability, agility and resilience which are increasingly important in times of change and transformation. Our approach to coaching and mentoring is to ensure leaders at all levels have access to support and that those providing that support have access to their own development opportunities.

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NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme

Caring for the health of 65 million people is an enormous challenge. That’s why we need graduates of the highest calibre to become our fresh thinkers of today and our talented leaders of tomorrow. Have you got what it takes? Then show us what you’re made of.

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Developing People, Improving Care

With most NHS organisations and systems now under unprecedented pressure to improve performance in their services in a context of rising demand and constrained funding, as well as rapidly joining up local health and care systems through system working (STP’s), immediate action on how we continue to deliver and improve our efforts is being taken at national and local levels to address these challenges.

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