Developing People, Improving Care

With most NHS organisations and systems now under unprecedented pressure to improve performance in their services in a context of rising demand and constrained funding, as well as rapidly joining up local health and care systems through system working (STP’s), immediate action on how we continue to deliver and improve our efforts is being taken at national and local levels to address these challenges.

Numerous national reports (Francis 2015, Rose 2015, Berwick 2013) have highlighted the need for a change in culture and style of leadership if we are to meet these demands and bring about the step change that’s required for a sustainable National Health System that’s devoted to continual learning and improvement of patient care – top to bottom and end to end.

‘Changing demands create people development needs’

December 2016 saw the launch of a new national improvement and leadership framework for the NHS – Developing People, Improving Care, created collectively between key national organisations with NHS responsibilities.

The four key components of this framework are

  • Systems Leadership – To create trusting relationships and collaborate across organisational boundaries
  • Improvement Skills – Adopt quality improvement methods that challenge, scrutinise and develop operational performance, staff satisfaction and quality outcomes
  • Compassionate and Inclusive Leadership Skills
  • Talent Management

This means building capacity and capability by attracting, managing, developing and retaining individuals who embody the right values and behaviours, thus ensuring they are the right people, in the right roles, at the right time with the ability to navigate the changing landscape and meet the needs of their staff and communities they serve.

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