Deepening Creative Practice through an Inclusion Lens

We are currently in the design phase of an experiential, participatory and interventional programme in four seasons: learning, co-curating and co-creating on the theme of vulnerability in NHS organisations in South West England.

Deepening Creative Practice aims to deepen and expand practice and repertoire in working with difficult and sometimes intractable problems within organisations and wider society through the weaving together of social science and artist-led workshops.

We are hopeful to start the programme early in 2022. The first 3 seasons, Winter to Summer, will comprise artist-led workshops, social dreaming, dynamic study groups, psychophysical practice and spaces to shape and work towards the final exhibition in the Autumn.

Places on this programme will be co-funded, meaning we will cover a large percentage of participant cost, however, there will be a small percentage that will need to be funded by your organisation. Exact costs are yet to be determined.

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