Resilience and Recovery Webinar Series – Webinar 1

Tuesday March 23rd, 2021 | 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm

Teaming up with We Are Lightbox, this webinar series is the first in a multifaceted offer of support for resilience in crisis, and navigation towards recovery and regeneration.

Although self-care and wellbeing is such a hot topic right now, it’s difficult to pause for breath at times like this, let alone dedicate serious time to reflection and structured development. Taking account of our contemporary working environment, this series has been designed to interlink with a lunch break so you can take a breath, go for a walk and simply listen whilst taking some time to recuperate.

This series of short-burst webinars delivered via MS Teams (so you can join via the mobile app if you’d like to be active), focus on personal and team wellbeing management. They not only offer tips and techniques to embed healthy habits but also highlight the psychological processes we are experiencing at the moment, providing a science-based rationale to why we feel the way we feel and therefore working on mechanisms to break and reverse psychological circuits.

Target audience

This webinar series is ideal for anyone who is interested in what research reveals about alternative routes to mental resilience and recovery. All three of the Resilience and Recovery webinars are 30 minutes long, perfect for fitting into a break.

You have the flexibility to attend some or all of the events; just follow the respective links below for the webinars you’d like to join.

Webinar 1 –  23rd March 12.30-13.00

The attention Restoration theory and the surprising medical benefits of time spent in nature.

Unfortunately, this workshop is now fully booked.

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