Leadership Pride – Dr Kate Allatt

Thursday November 26th, 2020 | 10:00 am to 11:30 am

Venue: Virtual

We are pleased to be bringing you our new Leadership Pride series.

We will explore pride in leadership through our system leaders, key note speakers, and individual leadership journeys. We will look at the challenges leaders have faced, inclusive and diverse leadership practice, the change they can make happen, and the pride they have from being a leader.

The series will focus on the creation of pride, ownership and connection in our own organisations and systems. Inspiring leaders to nurture an environment of learning, inclusive encouragement and a compassionate culture.

There will be opportunities to reflect on your own journey, how you can capture your learning and we can do to as a system to ensure the lessons learnt are built upon to provide inclusive leadership behaviours across our healthcare system.

We will explore what connects leaders to the people that they serve and how this leadership leads to better patient care, experience and outcomes.

After recovering from a catastrophic brain stem stroke and Locked-in Syndrome, Dr Kate Allatt went on to found the Fighting Strokes charity of which the world’s first Stroke Survivor Day originated. Kate will touch on her pride in being a leading, world-wide advocate, influencer and disrupter within the stroke establishment.


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