Supporting Growth Through Adversity

South West Coaches, Mentors and Practitioners CPD Sessions, Delivered virtually on Microsoft Teams

A series of three virtual CPD sessions designed to provide current Coaches, Mentors and other practitioners with an opportunity to connect with peers, share experiences and gain the opportunity to learn new tools and approaches to support their current practice. Described below is a summary of what each session will focus on.

Each session will be delivered by Rebekah Giffney a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who works extensively with the NHS. She will share a number of key psychological tools and frameworks to support your practice and provide opportunity for you to share and learn from each other.

Target audience:

South West Coaches, Mentors and Practitioners.

Dates and times:

The Story of Now – The psychology of our current context click here to book your place

Wednesday 18th November, 1400-1600

This first in a series of three sessions will be a chance to connect with others and reflect on the experiences of recent months. We will consider what life has been like, the impact on our work, and how it is starting to reshape present ways of working across teams and organisations.

We will discuss successful transition between difficult times and ‘the new normal’, and provide simple and practical tools to help you make the most of where we are right now.

This session will support you to understand your current context by connecting with others, hearing the variety of experiences, and discussing models and tools that can help process where we are right now.

Boundaries, Stress and ethical practice click here to book your place

Tuesday 1st December, 1000- 1200

In session two, we will focus on exploring the long-term impact of the current and future context to your practice.

Many of the changes made to our ways of working occurred quickly through necessity. Now, with the opportunity to look back and reflect on what has happened, we will be asking: what, as practitioners, do we need to be aware of as we move forward? How can we help the individuals and teams that we work with, to grow positively from this adversity? And what are the additional changes we must make to our practice to enable this? Overall, what will be the impact of this to us, the teams and organisations that we work with?

We will explore adaptations required for supervision, boundaries, and other aspects of working to ensure ethical practice.

Tools, Tips Approachesclick here to book your place

Monday 14th December, 1400- 1600

In the third session we will explore tools, tips and approaches to support people, teams and organisations as they start to move forward. This session will share guidance around:

  • How to successfully coach or mentor individuals experiencing stress or sub-acute trauma
  • The potential impact of sub-acute trauma and how to help people work through it
  • How to encourage growth through post traumatic experience.

We will share some case studies of different applied methods of support currently being used and will encourage you to discuss the new approaches that you would like to try out for your practice.

Attendees to come prepared to:

  • Be open and honest about how they are and what they need from the group
  • Share current aspects of their practice they find challenging that they would like help or support with
  • Practical tips or techniques they find beneficial when coaching

Facilitator, Rebekah Giffney 

Rebekah is an experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologist, with more than 17 years’ experience working with individuals, teams and organisations.

Rebekah is passionate about helping people realise their full potential. With her team of practitioners Rebekah provides a range of learning opportunities that hone and harness the skills, expertise and abilities of people to meet the  situations and challenges they face at work.

Rebekah is at the forefront of the provision of leadership, culture and team development for clinicians and managers in health and care settings across the country. She strives to challenge mindsets, build belief and support change through the use of psychology-based development.

Register your place:

To obtain a place you will need to register via the links above. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Once registered, your place is confirmed. There is no fee to attend, by registering you will be signing up to a cancellation charge of £150 for non-attendance unless you notify 10 working days in advance of the event date or your attendance is deputised.

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