Coaching for Primary Care Leaders

With time pressure and heavy workload it is often difficult to find space and time to reflect and think. We are offering the opportunity for primary care leaders in the south west to access a programme of virtual coaching (via telephone, skype or zoom), with a professionally qualified coach, at times that suit you.

One thing that all forms of coaching should have in common is that its focus is moving you forward in a certain direction. A skilled coach uses a combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback to create a conversation rich in insight.

This on-demand coaching provision is offered through Cognomie.

Previous programme coaching topics have included;

  • working through change
  • dealing with difficult conversations
  • building trust and working with teams
  • developing resilience and managing stress
  • communication style and techniques
  • time management
  • managing complexity
  • understanding your strengths
  • identifying your leadership style
  • developing greater confidence and gravitas

and these are just examples. You can use the coaching as a ‘stand alone’ or, if you are attending other leadership/ development programmes it is a valuable space to reflect on your learning and what you are putting into practice from that programme.

This is ‘on-demand’ coaching which means you can access the coaching at times to suit you (including evenings and weekends).

Sessions are 1 hour long and are held ‘virtually’ (via telephone, skype or zoom to suit you). The initial offer is for each participant to access up to three coaching sessions.

Sessions are confidential between you and the coach.

What to expect

A coaching relationship is supported by the presence of trust and rapport between coach and client. It’s when these are in abundance that an effective coaching relationship can be created.

You will experience a focus and attention that enable you to develop a clarity and appreciation of your current circumstances and thinking. Greater self-knowledge and understanding create new ways to approach challenges and achieve goals more easily.

Having access to a large community of coaches, and eliminating the geography through technology, allows us to pinpoint the right match for you. Whether it be background, skill set, learning style, temperament or even a preference for hobbies, virtual allows us to create a coaching experience that will have the biggest impact.

Once you have signed up to access the coaching you will receive an email asking you to tell us about yourself and your themes and goals for coaching as well as your preferred times for coaching and if you have a particular preference for the type of person you are looking for in your coach.

This information is held securely and won’t be shared with anyone.

From this information we match you with the best coach for you, they contact you to set the first coaching up and off you go!

In the first session the coach will encourage you to set yourself come coaching goals for the sessions you will have together to give you direction in your conversation; these goals may change as the coaching progresses and your awareness develops.

If, for any reason, you would like to change your coach (maybe the chemistry isn’t there), you let us (Cognomie) know and we can match you with someone else (93% of matches work first time!)

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