Speaking Up, Listening Up workshop

Based on major research study into ‘speaking truth to power’, which draws on insights from organisations across the world, including the NHS, this workshop addresses some of the realities of speaking up and listening up. Participants learnt practical ways to make a difference to who gets heard – and what they as individuals can do to hear others and...

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Reflective Leadership – The cornerstone for senior leaders

Today we held a new one day workshop: ‘Reflective Leadership – The Cornerstone for senior leaders’ which provided participants a start towards a greater balance between being and doing – recognising the value of more reflective time to help guide complex decisions and challenges. The aims and objectives of the workshop were: To examine a range of reflective leadership practices and why...

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Evolving an OD Mindset in Primary Care workshop

The South West Leadership Academy’s Evolving an OD Mindset in Primary Care two day workshop took place from Thursday June 20th-Friday 21st June, at South West House, Taunton. The workshop was for primary care colleagues, especially practice managers, who find themselves needing to lead change efforts in their own practices organisations and beyond – and who want to broaden their own...

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Introduction to Coaching Supervision programme

The supervisory workshop for the South West Leadership Academy’s Introduction to Coaching Supervision programme took place on Tuesday. The programme is for qualified coaches and involves a short introductory and post programme webinar, a taught study day, which is highly participative and an action learning set. The programme comprises an overview of the concept, nature and value of coaching...

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Unconscious Bias for Leaders

Learning about unconscious bias has the potential to transform the way leaders manage diverse teams, recruit staff, and engage with patients. But it is only part of the puzzle. Leaders must still develop an array of skills essential to leading diverse teams – skills such as understanding of organisational culture and challenging unacceptable behaviour. This bespoke masterclass will place...

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Dialogic OD open for applications

Change is a constant in our world and the world of work and organisations. How we handle that change – initiating, shaping, guiding is changing, particularly in the context of a world that is emerging through uncertain, volatile and complex conditions. In such conditions a more emergent approach to change is needed. That’s not to say that the more...

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Rosalind Franklin programme Taunton cohort

The Rosalind Franklin programme aims to help shape mid-level leaders’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to help them become outstanding, compassionate and inclusive leaders, working at all levels across the health and care system, to help improve services for people who access them. Applications are now open for cohorts starting later this year and there is a Taunton cohort. The...

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ILM7 programme started this week

The South West Leadership Academy’s ILM7 programme started this week. The programme will provide the skills and knowledge to practice as a confident and competent coach. It is designed for senior managers who wish to develop their expertise in the field of coaching or who wish to establish coaching on an organisational level. It is very much focused on...

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Improvement Leaders Collaborative learning event

This week we held the learning event for the end of our Improvement Leaders Collaborative programme. Christina Quinn, Director of the South West Leadership Academy was delighted to attend to to join in celebrating participants’ learning and congratulate them. The programme was for teams delivering cross-system change and improvement projects, it fast tracked their team development and tackled real...

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