A patient-sized gap to fill

In his last blog, Alan Nobbs – Senior Programme Lead at NHS Leadership Academy discussed his move to a more strategic nursing role. What he didn’t anticipate was the period of grieving that accompanied this change. In this blog, Alan talks about moving to a non-patient facing role and offers advice to others about finding new ways to re-ignite his passion for...

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Securing diverse talent to create a more inclusive NHS culture

Tracie Jolliff, director of inclusion at the NHS Leadership Academy, discusses the importance of securing diverse talent to create a more inclusive NHS culture. A voice for the voiceless #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo and #TimesUp are global movements that were all started by women. The point of these movements is first to give voice to those that have for so long...

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Leadership Academy Blog: The other side

After 16 years of nursing, Alan Nobbs had reached a crossroads in his career where he could either move into general management or pursue nursing management. In his second blog of a series, Alan reflects on his decision to move into a more strategic nursing role, and the apprehension that followed. In my last blog I talked about the...

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Professor Michael West

We were delighted to be joined by Professor Michael West who delivered an extremely powerful, thought provoking session exploring the fundamental relationship between leadership and transformation for high quality and compassionate care. During this afternoon session Professor Michael West will also explored the Developing People – Improving Care framework whilst touching on the work of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans and the impact...

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Leadership Live

What is Leadership Live: Exploring Leadership Excellence Due to the extraordinary success of Leadership Live in 2014 and 2016, we are delighted to invite all Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships within the South West region to register for Leadership Live 2018. Leadership Live 2018 is an exciting and innovative two day leadership development experience for groups of 6-8 people, who work together across...

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Day 11 – Systems Leadership Brochure

Behind door number 11 of our Leadership Calendar is our Leadership Academy Systems Leadership brochure! This brochure describes a way of understanding ‘Systems Leadership’. It aims to be the starting point of a conversation between those charged with bringing the Five Year Forward View (FYFV) into reality via the implementation of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and the...

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2016/17 Newsletters

   Leadership Outlook.  Issue 10 – April 2017 edition    Leadership Outlook.  Issue 9 – March 2017 edition    Leadership Outlook.  Issue 8 – February 2017 edition    Leadership Outlook.  Issue 7 – January 2017 edition    Leadership Outlook.  Issue 6 – December 2016 – Awards edition    Leadership Outlook.  Issue 5 – November 2016 edition    Leadership Outlook.  Issue 4 – October 2016 edition    Leadership Outlook.   Issue 3 – September 2016 edition    Leadership Outlook.   Issue 2 – August 2016 edition    Leadership Outlook.   Issue 1 – July 2016 edition...

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