Case study – Ruby Williams (Apprentice)

Posted: Tuesday, 3rd April, 2018

Why were you interested in joining the NHS as an Apprentice?

I never really thought about the NHS as an employer and never knew about apprenticeships within the NHS. I thought it would just be nurses and doctors, it never crossed my mind about the administration roles within the NHS. When I was looking for business & administration apprenticeships, the Royal United Hospital Bath (RUH) had a vacancy live in the Widening Participation Team. The apprenticeship looked varied, interesting and something I felt that I could enjoy and improve on my skills so I applied and got the apprenticeship level 2! I knew the NHS had a lot’s of amazing benefits, and I will never look back. I have learnt so much from working in the NHS, I can build on my career, attend free study days, and learn something new each day.

What has been the most impactful conversation you’ve had about your career to date?

I think it’s been with the new apprentices that come into the Trust, I know I really make a difference to them they trust me and look up to me and that inspires me to look for a career supporting others, many roles in the NHS require this skill.

What do you hope to achieve in terms of your development and career over the coming 2-3 years and beyond?

I hope to get a substantial post within the RUH in administration. I would like to get experience in most departments of the hospital. I hope to do more study days to build on my skills, and possibly take a level 4 business and administration.

As someone who may be viewed as an emerging talent in the NHS, why do you think it’s important to have schemes like this one and attract, retain and develop talent in the NHS? Why is it needed? What would happen if we didn’t?

The new enthusiasm young people bring to the hospital and their ability to talk to others that are similar age will help the NHS to move forward and grow, I want to work for the NHS and I have decided that in a few short months, the NHS needs to be opening up more opportunities for young people like me they would be surprised at the commitment we have and how by attracting one or two young people leads to attracting many.

What are the best things about undertaking an apprenticeship and how has it helped you to develop?

I have developed more skills such as telephone skills, customer service and better communication skills.

I feel like I have my own role within the team and feel very valued for this. I do the administration side of things to sort out the work experience for young people to see what type of career they would like in a hospital setting (nurse,doctor,HCA,etc). I also liaise with schools in our catchment area, for the RUH schools ambassadors to do to school/college career events representing the NHS, and in particular the RUH. I love my team and they have supported me all the way through my apprenticeship! As an apprentice, I get work experience in different departments across the hospital. This helps me to understand how different departments

Lastly, what do you value most from an organisation you work for? What’s important to you? (this is about what’s important to you from a values, benefits and organisational perspective – what do you need or want from an employer to ensure they get the best from you and you feel like you’re valued and supported?)

They take me seriously, my team treat me like a very valuable person, I feel a big part of the team and the wider Education team, they listen when I speak and support me when I need that extra advise.

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