BPP/NHS Leadership Academy – Level 5 Coaching Professional Apprenticeship with Mary Seacole (Optional) – February Cohort Information Sessions

BPP – Coaching Professional Apprenticeship (Level 5) second Cohort will be scheduled for late February 2022. Following the success of previous Information Sessions promoting this Standard, which has the optional Mary Seacole Programme, BPP and the NHS Leadership Academy would again like to advertise two information sessions to inform around this offer. The two information sessions are scheduled on;...

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Recruitment Posters

NHS Admin and clericalpdf NHS Ambulance staff NHS Allied health care NHS Exp of Care Posters 2021 NHS Facilitation experience NHS Nye Bevan NHS Open Prison NHS Patients and carers covid NHS Patients and carers NHS Porters NHS Staff experience NHS Staff NHS Young patients and carers

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Deepening Creative Practice through an Inclusion Lens

We are currently in the design phase of an experiential, participatory and interventional programme in four seasons: learning, co-curating and co-creating on the theme of vulnerability in NHS organisations in South West England. Deepening Creative Practice aims to deepen and expand practice and repertoire in working with difficult and sometimes intractable problems within organisations and wider society through the...

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Eating disorder recovery, fertility treatment, hearing loss and COVID: Emma’s story

Content warning:  This article discusses Emma’s Body Mass Index (BMI) in the context of her fertility treatment, as patients are required to maintain a BMI of 19 or above to qualify for NHS fertility treatment. We recognise that BMI is a controversial subject in the context of disordered eating. The article also discusses anorexia, eating disorder recovery, infertility, baby...

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NHS Leadership Academy Programmes

We are pleased to inform you that the NHS Leadership Academy’s  Leadership Development Programmes will be opening for applications. Our programmes are designed to help everyone in the NHS discover their full leadership potential and achieve the highest standards in health and care. The Edward Jenner Programme Want to get ready for your first leadership or management role? The Edward Jenner programme...

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My Intersectional Story by Sharifa Hashem

Contribution by Sharifa Hashem (pronouns: she/her), Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the South Western Ambulance Service Foundation Trust (SWASFT). My history has some complex issues, even though my day-to-day life is recognisable to many. I work in an office-based job, I’m engaged, we have two beautiful dogs and enjoy travelling. The complexity behind that is that I...

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LGBT+ Perspectives: Appearance at Work, By Nora Latapi-Dean

Contribution by Nora Latapi-Dean (pronouns: she/her), Talent Management Administrator at the NHS England and Improvement’s South West Talent Team. How much do you think about your appearance at work? Remember, personal appearance is not only limited to clothing and accessories; rather, the concept of appearance encompasses how we appear to others as whole individuals, whether via fashion, body language,...

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Somewhere over the rainbow: June is the LGBT Pride month, by Michail Sanidas

Contribution by Michail Sanidas (pronouns: he/him), Senior Regional Programme Lead in NHS England and Improvement’s South West Talent Team. Early on the morning of Saturday, June 28, 1969, officers from the New York City Police Department’s vice squad pulled up in front the Stonewall Inn—one of the city’s most popular gay bars, located in the Greenwich Village. The Stonewall...

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Workforce Wellbeing during the Pandemic and Beyond

Katherine Heredge, (pronouns She/Her), NHS Graduate Management Trainee – Human Resources The past year and a half has been extremely challenging and testing for all of us. While many would agree that we have experienced an increased sense of pride for what we do, the unprecedented demands and expectations on us throughout the pandemic have highlighted the importance of...

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