We are pleased to introduce the creation of a new position, Artist-in-Residence. We have created this position as we believe that art, in its broadest sense, can contribute a valuable role to the way we perceive, grapple with and address the major themes of our contemporary environment – not only in seeking to recover from the last year, but to reimagine the future by making sense of the transformational changes we are experiencing and by exploring new paths that help us to build back stronger, more resilient, more compassionate, fairer, kinder and with the experience of staff and patients as our guiding star.

We will be welcoming Clare Murphy as our Artist-in-Residence. Clare is a storyteller who embraces much of what we believe is important – authenticity, courage, eclecticism and diversity, truth and ambition – and through her art of storytelling is able to capture and share our collective voices, to curate the narratives that define and shape our experiences, and that can generate the insight to guide us into recovery, and to shine a light on the nature of life, change and all the important things stories tell us that we sometimes can’t see.

Over the next three months Clare will be hoping to craft a unique story and piece of art that captures the stories of the past year by talking to you, hosting the Slow Swimming Club, delivering workshops and creating a cultural artefact that tells the story of how the experiences of the last year inform our role in regeneration.  

Please take a look at our website to find out more about the Slow Swimming Club and the Storytelling: How story serves the Leader and to book your place.

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