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AHP Future Leaders was created in May 2017 to give AHPs working in Cornwall an opportunity to explore the world of leadership. It provides a platform to support leadership skills development and empower AHPs as everyday leaders at all levels, to lead with care on patient safety, quality improvement and have the confidence to step up into wider leadership roles line with AHPs into action priority one “AHPs can be effective leaders at all levels and in all sectors” for future success.

Learning is through exploration, application in practice between course days and reflecting on skills in action. Each future leader is required to plan and deliver a quality improvement project in their area of work on completion of the course. The NHS Leadership Academy nine dimensions of healthcare leadership model is used as the framework for course delivery with staff completing the self-assessment tool prior to the course.

To date 5 cohorts have run with 65 AHPs from 9 different professions across the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, Cornwall Foundation Trust and South West Ambulance Service successfully completing the programme.

The programme has had a positive impact on the developing skills, capabilities and confidence of everyday leadership which are put into on-going practice, and promoting leaders as continuous learners. Learners have stated:

  • It has made me feel more empowered as a team leader & more determined!!
  • Extended my confidence in leading other disciplines in absence of their seniors
  • Given me the ability to influence wider change across department & ward.

And when asked what they have found most challenging as leaders since attending the course:

  • Keeping focused on goals & not just getting caught on the treadmill of doing the same thing
  • Finding the time to maintain the momentum to put ideas into action
  • Lack of opportunities to step into leadership roles as AHPs

Following on from the programme’s success, in October 2018 we launched the AHP Leaders Collective for AHPs that have completed leadership training of all forms to provide bi-annual networking, sharing of lived experience, and peer support to frame next step actions.

The next cohort will run in autumn 2019 and we already have a waiting list of AHPs to attend future courses. You can follow all the action on twitter via #AHPFutureLeaders #Leaders_Stand_Tall

Please click here to find out more about the Healthcare Leadership Model.

By Carrie Biddle

South West Region AHP Leadership Fellow

Health Education England

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