Our Team

Christina Quinn

Head of the South West Leadership Academy and Leadership and Lifelong Learning

Angela Hayday

System Leadership Development Senior Manager

Zoe Spittle

Primary Care Programme Manager

Chris Burling

Leadership Development Senior Manager

Eleanor Wallace

GMTS Leadership Development Senior Manager

Aimee Benson

Business & Performance Manager

Tasmin Richardson

Leadership Development Co-ordinator

Sandra Newing-Griffiths

GMTS Leadership Development Co-ordinator

Nehel Ahmed

Leadership Development Co-ordinator

Erk Gunce

Positive Action Programmes Inclusion Co-ordinator

Kate Westcott

Business Support Officer

Shannon Ackland

Leadership Development Administrator

Rachel Newman

GMTS Leadership Development Administrator

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NHS South West Leadership Academy
South West House
Blackbrook Park Avenue
Somerset TA1 2PX

Telephone: +44 208 1031361

Email: leadership.SW@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk



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