Our Board

The NHS South West Leadership Academy Board will be responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient discharge of the following responsibilities:

  • communicating local needs and intelligence to inform national strategy and priorities;
  • identifying, sharing and spreading good practice;
  • local support for the national delivery of the Talent Management Strategy;
  • developing, testing and piloting development for wider learning;
  • delivery of the Academy’s funded programmes and services;
  • identification and delivery of Non-Academy funded activity aligned with the Academy’s products, services and system principles to ensure consistent approach to step change.

The Board will work in partnership with the Academy and stakeholder members to deliver at regional level the success measures of the Academy. Namely, to have:

  • led on and delivered the professionalisation of leadership;
  • developed leaders who have more breadth, are more innovative and more able to lead health services to fit the new context and environment;
  • supported industrial levels of innovation and improvement as part of an international community of innovators;
  • worked in partnership to make NHS Leadership more representative of the community it serves.

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