A Meandering Road – By Deborah O’Nyons

Painting by Deborah with the theme 'the meandering road'. The painting contains a combination of light and dark colours, including green, blue, brown and yellow. At the foreground, there is a curved, meandering road running through the sea. At the background, a dark hill stands against a green sky. During the summer of 2021, we had the privilege of working with our artist-in-residence, Clare Murphy to facilitate a number of workshops focusing on the importance of Storytelling.

This month, we have the pleasure of sharing a poem and painting focusing on the Meandering Road by one of our participants, Deborah O’Nyons, NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group. Thank you to Deborah for taking the time to share this with the South West Leadership Academy and our readers across the region.



By invisible threads we are connected

To those we have cared for.

Hands held; hearts soothed if only for a moment

Wishes upheld, voices heard, a soul witnessed

We are the remembering,  of moments

Birth, death, rebirth, love and longing.

Observers, participants of transformation.

Season to season.

Yet, we cling to permanence

Habits, routines, schedules.

What if we allowed oneself to be enchanted?

By possibility,

With humanity.

To no longer fear change

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