72nd Birthday of the NHS

Today marks the 72nd Birthday of the NHS. It allows us a moment to pause and reflect on one of the most remarkable years in service.

The healthcare sector has been instrumental in the fight against the Coronavirus, with limited amount of time to prepare for a global pandemic, we can say with pride, our healthcare colleagues have gone above and beyond to care and protect the nation at a time of utmost uncertainty. Throughout this, we have seen an overwhelming response from volunteers, some retired, some working in the private sector but all willing put themselves forward to support the NHS. We thank you.

Saturday 4th July, we came together and gave a moment of remembrance and reflection for those we have lost during the pandemic, including our fallen NHS heroes. During this moment, we gave our kind thoughts to the families, neighbours and local communities morning a loved one.

Since the healthcare system was established on 5th July 1948, we have seen a number of changes but one thing that holds us all together is our core values, our commitment, determination and the good will of all our colleagues. Patient care has always, and will always, be at the heart of everything we do.

We have never been more proud to work for the NHS, and that’s because of you, our healthcare colleagues.

We thank you.

What makes the NHS so special?

Two years ago, we reflected on what makes the NHS so special….

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