Type Coach 

This online diagnostic tool is based on the Jungian model of personality type instrument such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  You will learn about your preference categories from the four pairs:

  • Extraversion or Introversion
  • Sensing or Intuitive
  • Thinking or Feeling
  • Judging or Perceiving

This online tool has a new and modern approach using the 3 Type Coach Programmes:

The Type Coach Verifier –

A 20 minute interactive video-based experience to learn about the four key aspects of personality type.  The user determines their own personality type (eg, ESTJ) and can access a 5 page report.

Coaching Videos –

Engaging video modules that are unique to each personality type cover the top 5 ways to maximise your career potential, based on the natural strengths and challenges of each type.  Each of the 5 modules is 4-7 minutes long and collectively is the equivalent to a series of coaching sessions.

Type-to-Type Tool –

This interactive tool is an ongoing resource, providing top ten advice for working with any individual based on the unique combination of personality types (ENTJ with INFP for example).  When teams complete the Verifier the results are populated into the Type-to-Type tool, providing the entire team with access to the advice on how best to interact with one another.

For further information and access to this programme contact:  Leadership.SW@hee.nhs.uk


Programme Resources

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